Also, if this looks familiar then dont worry, youre not crazy. Your email address will not be published. Without that pack, toddlers have literally no reason to wear a swimsuit they aint swimming. Sims 4 Toddler Hair Pack - Saurus There are 11 new meshes for the Sims 4 toddlers in this hair pack. Toddlers can look nice and still be ready to play at the same time. Theres a pocket on the front that matches the sweater in some swatches, because we all know how much stuff toddlers have to carry around. The Practical Crib & Mattress Check Out This CC This hair is a definite alpha CC hair and not a maxis match hair, but its still so cute. The sleeves even add up with that and sit at uneven lengths. The Sims 4 logo is a trademark of Electronic Arts, Inc and we have no ownership over that content. But jean shorts seem like something that should never go out of style, especially for kiddos. If you dont want to go the full bear CC route, then this potty chair conversion will be your savior. Its fun to have the hanging belt too to really add an extra look to the outfit. And heres our huge collection of toddler Maxis Match clothes, all custom-made with love by the TS4 community. But it proves you dont need a great name to offer awesome CC, as it has colorful and creative features in that signature Maxis-match style. Dresses dont just need to be a singular item, sweaters can be worn under dresses too! My favourite has to be the gorgeous neutral rainbow! The bottom of the bed has four gorgeous wheels, a gorgeous rounded frame and is just so perfect. It really does look like a little pat of ice cream right on the top of her head. These sims 4 toddler cc formal outfits really bring me joy and make me want to play the game more than ever before. The patterns include options like butterflies, polka dots and flowers and all of them look so cute on your characters. For siblings with a (very) small age gap, there is both a toddler-sized bed and a crib included. But I really like how bangs can frame a toddlers tiny face. These pyjamas start with a solid colour bottom which is simple enough, but the real star is the top. From giraffes to koalas, this CC will let you turn your toddlers room into a safe, cozy, and far less smelly zoo. Yknow, to really maximize the charm of this shirt. Its not just the preview photo making me squeal (although the creator did a good job with the Toddler creation and pose, not gonna lie). These buns are so cute and have so much detail in the texture and the baby hairs which is greatly appreciated. Personalize your game with new MMCC objects and outfits. When youre choosing custom earrings for your toddlers they dont always need to be wild shapes and designs. 22 | speedbuild person | will mostly reblog cute maxis match cc and post my builds. One of the cutest things a toddler can wear is a little skirt with an adorable little top and these sims 4 toddler cc skirts are some of the best in the game. But as far as The Sims 4 goes, they make the game complete. A simple way to make your toddlers look 10x cuter is to add some custom earrings that will really show you how adorable they are. Whether its a hand-me-down from an older sibling or someone just bought them the wrong size, it honestly looks like peak comfort, too. These overalls are so cute with options for more fancy situations and more basic overalls over a nice white shirt. Your sims will definitely love to show off their favourite rain jackets. The sweater comes in 19 swatches, and the pants with 9 options. The toddler mods range from things like making them stop making messes on the floor to letting them be stuck in their high chair to making it so they can earn skills more easily but youll definitely find something you need. The next bed on our list of sims 4 toddler cc is this base game bed recolour that is a must-have. The patterns on these are so fun too! These denim short overalls are definitely a bit more alpha than maxis match but theyre still really cute and have a place in the game. If none of these pieces work for you, they can at least give you an idea of what you prefer (like long hair, short hair, tied hair, etc.) This dress is so beautiful with a tight sleeveless top that goes into a looser fit skirt which is so cute. My favourite part about this custom content PJ set is the sims themed ones. There isnt much that toddlers love more than animals so why wouldnt a toddler want cat earrings? Virtually any skin or hair color was available since literally all the colors were represented. And Maxis-match CC is just the icing on the cake! It starts off with some puffy sleeves at the top and goes into a cute top that has a ribbon across the waist. But the lack of crazy colors makes sense considering how sensible the cut is designed to be. The different overalls have different designs like flowers on the legs, patches, and even different washes. These socks are cute and short and would look very good with a fancy pair of shoes. You dont even have to wait for the game to make your toddlers sick you can actually toggle these on yourself. My only complaint is that only comes in nine EA swatches though, and theyre all natural colors. This jacket comes in neutral colours like black, white and brown but also in fun colours like pink and yellow for your more exciting sims. If you want your toddlers to play outside often, youll want them to wear toddler rain boots. They can replace your boring high chair, add to your room with a replacement ball pit or just give you an entirely new bedroom. It looks like it suits Independent, Silly, and Wild tots. This baseball cap has different colours and designs on the front and can be worn with any type of casual outfit for a fun day in the sun. Sure, they added new pants, new rompers, and two new shoes. Having a sims 4 toddler cc potty chair is going to allow you to have a cuter experience or have them sit on a rhino, whatever youre into. All of the base game long sleeve shirts look like pajamas. I just recently learned thats what this type of collar is called I have no idea why, it doesnt really seem fitting for something so classy, but it is what it is. Keep skimming through the items. This hair is beautiful with a middle part on the bangs where the hair drapes toward either side of the head and the bun is the perfect amount of messy. Its such a fun look without taking itself too seriously. The details are more emphasized that way. If youre looking to top off your sims favourite outfit they are going to need to have an adorable sims 4 toddler cc hat. These are so cute as a formal earring or can be worn as an everyday earring choice in the most adorable way. Those of you in areas where it doesnt get cold wont get it, but to put it in neutral terms, Willow Creek and Brindleton Bay Sims have to consider these things! A simple knit skirt is a perfect option to add to your sims 4 toddler cc folder because it can be worn in so many ways. Click here to pin it! These boots are so cute and the swatches just keep getting better. The colors that were chosen for it do a great job of looking like a basket apple while showing off the gorgeous woven texture. The actual dress has gorgeous straps with buckle details and a cinched elastic waist to finish it off. I just cant with those bear overalls, theyre too cute for their own good. This sleek, sophisticated collection is great for both feminine and masculine Sims. 23 Pins 4y L Collection by LittleMissLimos The Sims Sims 4 Mm Toddler Cc Sims 4 Toddler Hair Childrens Hairstyles Kids Hairstyles Sims 4 Children 4 Kids Sims 4 Clutter simsinan21: " Mesh by Simple Simmer Download " Sims 4 Mm Cc Sims Four Sims 4 Toddler It starts with a pretty simple base of a one-piece swimsuit but there are adorable ruffles on each of the arms for a cute look. These two gorgeous outfits were released for Valentines day and are so sweet. But this creation from Casteru looks so lovely, it seems that way. This is one of those looks that only looks great on toddlers and cant really be worn once youre like 10. They come in fun colours and look awesome when your sim has their hair pulled back. Like, take the jaggedness of the fringe and the sudden curling of the hair tips. These small heart hoops are just so precious with one of the heart bumps going through your sims ear and really looking precious. Theres everything youd ever want including a small gardening set, a kit of play dough for your sims to mold, and even some painting stuff for them to use! I think at this point you could just call them Maxis. These 15 swatches feature a variety of designs for both boys and girls, including some trippy geometric patterns as well as cute critters. It also comes in 22 colors: 18 standard EA swatches and several new additions to the browns, blonds, and greys category. It starts with a cute top with a peter pan collar and ruffled sleeves, the shirt goes down and flairs out at the waist and thats just a cute detail. There is a beautiful changing table that comes in 31 different swatches and has a bunch of decor slots! If so, these ghost outfits are so fun. The next up on this list of sims 4 toddler cc is the Omali Toddler Bedroom which has so many fun items. The best part about this jacket/shirt look is that there is a matching one for both the toddler and the child of the house so they can match. It has such a sweet Southern feel to it, and that vibe is doubled when you see it on such a small face. Probably the most traditional toddler bathing suit in this section, this swim suit has a normal one-piece design with two layered ruffles on top. The jeans have a fray at the bottom for an added look and the jeans are ripped right across the knee and they just look so cute. Show everyone you mean business when you dress your Sims for success in this timeless wardrobe. This hair has some face framing pieces with half of the hair pulled up into some really adorable and fun pony tails. This is one of my favourite comfy PJ outfits weve ever gotten for any age group, so Im so excited that this creator decided to bring it in for toddlers. Instead of being a basic single pom pom hat, why not make it pom pom pig tails? Well, with the Nutri-Baby Mod youll be able to generate fun recipes on toddler plates for your toddlers to consume. Check out this neat (literally) hairstyle for strapping young tots. This is actually part of a full set of cutie pie furniture! Those graphics include images like an alien, a spaceship and a cowplant. You can still see the nice knit texture through all 7 swatches. This adorable version has tiny bows instead of buttons or clasps on the straps, puff sleeves, and Peter Pan collar. If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Some of the most popular costumes have always been princesses and these princess sets are so fun. This suit is fun with a ruffle on both the top and bottom of the suit and tiny bows on the straps. This is such a cute option for making adorable characters like Bonnie in your game! The Toddler Creativity Pack is founded on that idea. For instance, the first hairstyle on this list (middle part, loose curls, tucked behind ears) is actually a toddler conversion of wild-pixels Brianna hair. The Sims 3 did a good job of diversifying skintones and hair colors by implementing the color wheel in CAS. From toy boxes to dollhouses to a potted plant, there are enough toys and decorations for multiple kids (and multiple rooms). And it gets even harder when you want Maxis-match ones. There are no set numbers dedicated to them, so thats basically left up for each player to decide for themselves. Oakiyos Kinder, Bobbie, and Stacey hairs are now available for smaller Toddler-sized frames. I love that the hair is tucked behind the ear and the look is so precious. This post may contain affiliate links. This dress starts with puffy sleeves and goes down to a tier section at the bottom where different colours peek out. For Sims Toddlers staying true to their age group, pigtails are pretty much a staple. Skirts are surprisingly versatile considering how one-note they seem in theory. All five hairstyles could be considered as long hair, seeing as their tips end well below the tots shoulder blades. Truly a gigantic post with 67 downloads (TONS of cc!) They are very simple but still bring in bright colours for them to be fun and interesting for your toddlers to match with their outfits. Jackets can be a serious fashion statement and these ones are just so cute. They come in great denim colours and look amazing with just about every top you can imagine. These basic t-shirts are a must have in your mods folder because most stuff we have in The Sims 4 isnt basic and sometimes all you want is a simple t-shirt for your sims to wear as an everyday look. This sweater by itself may not be anything special but adding it over a simply silky flowing dress really makes it the cutest thing ever. This CC offers some basics that every toddler should have, simulated or not. Want to save this list? Im not complaining, really Im just saying this is exactly why the Sims CC community continues to thrive: tons of beautiful & functional stuff, for free. Youre never too young to own an abundance of comfy, casual shirts. These jeans also have a brilliant theme of simplicity, although they have a cute cuff at the bottom. There is a cute rainbow chair, and a beautiful set of shelves too! If youre looking for amazing functional items you need to get your hands on the Coraline Set. These toddler PJs are so much fun and really creative use of animals for your toddlers. The dress base is very simple, a straight silhouette and some puffy arms. The stars are so fun and these earrings come in gold, silver and rose gold so you can choose your favourite metal. Its like theyre already adults, hard at work. When Andy gave the toys to Bonnie I cried like a baby. Toddler Playpens One of the most popular items from The Sims 3 Store had to be the toddler playpen where you could put your toddlers in there and they couldn't cause terror. Our toddlers dont always need to be wearing the most fashionable outfits in the world, sometimes they want to hangout in a costume and have a good time. There are two stand out details in this for me, one is that you can have it for both kids and toddlers and the other is that it has that adorable accessory bag attached so your sims can look even more fashionable! It starts off with a spaghetti strap swim one-piece that is very simple and covered in very small hearts. Since we got toddlers years after The Sims 4 was released there is a lot left to be desired with the items and clothing that we have for toddlers. All I know is, I like how this turned out on my Toddler Sims in-game. The hanging clouds are definitely a great look! This potty has a face on the back which is just so adorable and keeps your toddlers smiling. Its such a sweet dress and when worn with fun shoes with socks it can be so sweet for your toddlers! The sweet dreams PJs are so fun with a simple shape to them with a long sleeve shirt and pants that are tight at the ankle. Are you sick of feeding your toddlers boring old grown up food? Im serious. The next formal dress option on our list is this gorgeous abstract floral dress that is so cute on toddlers. Here youll find adorable toddler furniture, toys and even custom potty chairs. It comes in 12 colors and is base-game compatible. These look so cute on toddlers who are wearing suspenders or overalls especially and look great on so many hairstyles. (, Sims 4 Maxis Match Toddler Furniture CC (All Free), Best Sims 4 Maxis Match Toddler Hair CC (Boys + Girls), Sims 4 Maxis Match Child & Toddler Shoes CC, Best Sims 4 Toddler Eyelashes CC (Maxis Match + Alpha), Sims 4 CC: Maxis Match Toddler Costumes For Halloween, Best Sims 4 Toddler Clothes CC: The Ultimate Compilation, Best Sims 4 Maxis Match Clothes CC: The Ultimate Collection. It has such cute texture and looks perfect in the game. All three hairs start with a set of braids, one on either side of the head and each go into something different at the back. So you dont need to download the meshes for them to work. You can see me showcasing the items in this video . There is something so adorable about shorts with a formal look. Using sims 4 toddler cc is pretty much a necessity for you if you want to have cute toddlers who are living their best lives. . These shirts are basic t-shirts with fun dog decals on the front to have your toddlers show off their favourite animals. Toddler Delight The first on our list of sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets is Toddler Delight which is a set with 10 different items available for you. In many families IRL breastfeeding doesnt end when a child is a baby, it goes for years but that isnt something thats possible in The Sims 4. This Leonora hairstyle is a great look that has a fun hair bow in it for an extra look. Sweaters are a must have for your sims, especially if theyre dealing with cold winter weather and need to stay warm. Accessories are the ultimate way for you to make sims way cuter, these accessories include things like sims 4 toddler cc earrings, necklaces, backpacks and so much more that youll instantly fall in love with. This next dress is so gorgeous and would be amazing for your sims to wear to a special event if they are a flower pal or if theyre attending a bridal shower event. This set has toys, decor items for walls and tables, lamps, plants, paintings and wallpapers to amaze your small sims ^^ by available at TSR Thats a sure sign of a toddler who dressed themself, and wasnt totally with it when they did. Milkyki hair 9. I never really understood why there was a toddler swimwear category in CAS even if you didnt have Seasons. Why limit toddlers to nothing but angled bobs, pixie cuts, and bowl haircuts, when they can be just as fashionable as they want? Bearing that in mind, I think it gives this an even more heartwarming feel! These Jenny Jeans are really cute and have such cute detailing at the bottom. They have so much going on with little sections separated by pony tails to make little bumps and be so cute. And, apparently, straight bangs plus poofy hair do a precious combination make. In the vanilla game when a toddler is hanging out in a kiddie pool they are gaining no skills but gaining these skills is very important to get bonus traits and have a decent toddler. The Cutie toddler potty is an awesome low profile potty that isnt too wild but still has fun colours and cute patterns. The shirt underneath is a solid colour and looks awesome on your sims, so it creates a fun look. The blanket on this bed is a beautiful rainbow that looks super cute but isnt too brightly coloured so it keeps it muted and neutral for any bedroom. Any toddler will look very darling in these long flowing beauties. To start this list off with a bang, let me introduce you to the Roarsome Kids Bedroom set. This Toddler Ball Pit remake is a must-have in your game! The first set on our list is the Jero set that is so precious. . This CC sweater will keep your Sims toddlers warm in style. This pearl necklace is such a fun object to have in your game to have your toddlers wear. This is one of those little annoyances that I just cant handle in the game so your sims will be less annoying than before. 1. The hearts go both straight up and upside down which is so adorable and can be paired with just about any bottom. The little strawberry sneakers look cute and comfy and the tiny furry booties are just too precious and perfect for taking your toddlers on a winter stroll. But as far as The Sims 4 goes, they make the game complete. Youve got two perfect pairs of pants, one jeans and one comfortable. The hair is available in EA colors (18 swatches), but I do wanna make it a point to mention how lighter color swatches will really emphasize the braided crown. This jacket is a simple and thin puffer jacket with pockets and a fun red and black detail around the zipper to add more dimension. Pinkpatchys Pixie hair, on the other hand, is a short, whimsical, and playful haircut thats the definition of cool.. Well these onesies will keep your little ones looking little, to really emphasize their phase in life. These sims 4 toddler cc options for pyjamas are so cute, with fun patterns, colours and styles that your sims are going to love.