The Pros & Cons of Early Decision or Early Action It's important to weigh the pros and the cons of these programs. To me, the most important aspect of finding the right college was how I felt during the initial visit to the school. Going out and getting involved is how you learn the life skills you cannot learn in the classroom. I would tell myself to be open and friendly. The campus however is beautiful, and the academics are strong only because our classes are pretty small. I would also tell myself to search more for colleges that provide financial help for me so I can get a better education. I highly recommend!!! Repaying such loan, with interest, makes the cost of college even greater than its current lofty price tag and results in substantially higher outlay than if investing and earning on such sums. United States (b) located in a specific geographic EducationDynamicsis also proud to offer free While attending college I have met many interesting people and made many new friends. area or (c) that offer a particular program of study. One of the most substantial reasons to work while going to college is the ability to earn money. Remember, a school that is perfect for one person may not be the right school for someone else! However, the social scene is questionable; lots of cliques. I stopped being optimistic and that has changed my outlook on life as well as my capability to get back up and try again like the 17 year old Denise would. Marist College Employee Reviews Review this company Job Title All Location United States 151 reviews Ratings by category 4.2 Work-Life Balance 3.7 Pay & Benefits 3.7 Job Security & Advancement 3.9 Management 4.2 Culture Sort by Helpfulness Rating Date Language Found 151 reviews matching the search See all 152 reviews Sometimes it was challenging because as I became older I had a push and pull of wanting to be with my friends more, and my family less. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. The average college graduate makes $570,000 more than the average high school graduate over a lifetime. Marist also has a branch campus in Florence, Italy. Visit the FAFSA website to apply for student aid. Difficult to stay invested. A True Nightmare in College: Parking. If you're white, from NY.NJ, or CT, love going to bars, and like a small campus then you'll like it here. The average tuition at a public community college is approximately $4,834 for in-state students and $8,593 for out-of-state students. In his vision of a classless world, there are equal gender roles, ethnicity, racism, and discrimination. If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would advise to enjoy the present time. Marist College provides housing for up to 3,485 students. I think you should make a list of pros and cons and then decide what you can live with and what you can live without. I would summarize my advice in a simple phrase: be confident, be strong, be yourself. The first thing I would say to 17 year old Denise is "be proud of everything you have accomplished academically and athletically." If I could hop in Doc Brown's DeLorean and give my high school self a piece of advice it would be to take my education more seriously. Thank you. Still, aestheticizing your major can reach unhealthy extremes. Any advice on the pros and cons of each? It is filled with fun memories and great people. I would have talked myself into a college level freshman writing class over my summer before college even if the class was not for college credit. Also think about what you can give back to that school in return. I have also become a much more self-confident, not only in my school work but also in everyday life. It's not about being "cool," it's about being yourself and finding what makes you happy. If I could go back to senior year, I would tell myself that it takes effort to find friends and build relationships, but in the end it is worth it. Marist College has a lot of great academic programs. But most importantly, have fun, stay focused with your coursework, but still remember to have fun. You're 18 years old and you're starting to crack from real and imagined pressures - if you go to the safety school you got into, it's going to end badly. obligated to apply to or enroll with the school. 2. Founded in 1929, Marist's 210-acre campus overlooks the Hudson River in the heart of the historic Hudson Valley, midway between New York City and Albany, the state capital. I have made wise choices so far, and I don't want to change anything. 11.8K Views 62 Replies 0 points Most recent by NH5300 March 24 Marist College. One of the main reasons I feel college has been very valuable to attend, is due to the fact that college not only keeps your mind functioning in a learning aspect, but it also helps you gain other knowledge of things you will learn further along in life such as the career that is choosen or maybe even daily life experiences. You have so much potential and have come so far on your own. MaristAlexis March 14, 2017, 11:05pm #11 Hi! I've found my thirst for education diminishing as time goes on at Marist. Most people go home on the weekends and the campus is pretty much dead. Check with Marist College directly, for information on any information on starting salaries for recent grads. What Present Me would love to tell Past Me is just the reassurance that I will pull through the rough times ahead and that the best is yet to come! Open Document. 48% percent are from NY and In particular cases, when companies offer students the benefits of a full . Marist will not offer you the "college experience". Class of 2024 Marist College For each full-time student, Marist College spends about $11,731 a year. While some of these pros and cons apply equally to both four-year and two-year schools, in general, they are specific to four-year schools. I remember crying for weeks straight thinking I would never make it, I would find no friends, and the work would just be too much for me to handle. #11 in Regional Universities North. Waking up on time, finding your classroom, as well as showing, are just some of the stressful parts of going to Cleveland State as a commuter, let alone finding a place to park. I was very excited about this, until the first few days of school. EducationDynamics receives compensation for the The campus sits right on the banks of the river facing west, so we get gorgeous sunsets. The average college endowment was $905 million in 2021. Stay true to yourself and do not ever give up on your dreams. Another important idea that I would reiterate to myself would be to relax, college isn't scary! Do not worry what people say about you because their words are useless. This is the best advice I could have given to me impressionable, confused high school senior self. They usually have fewer resources and facilities for research. My favorite part of Campus is the new McCann gym with all brand new equipment. The staff is inclusive, they make your learning experience personal, and they truly do provide the best that they can for you. Go crazy. Dear High-School-Me, Marist is a beautiful college but has a failing academic program and administration. Most students live in off campus housing. I will graduate with the ability to fully immerse myself in the working world without anxiety about what I will encounter. How challenging do they want the curriculum at their school to be? information on its websites, which has been used by "Future" Danielle. Unfortunately, the only way we are seen or acknowledge is if we demand it. I would tell myself to relax, you made the best decision of your life! 4.03 Average Rating. My school has taught me how to cater to every kind of student that I will encounter in order to give them the best education possible. Claim your page to customize your profile and connect with students! The entire process ends in a competition which suppresses the poor. Marist College is a private institution that was founded in 1929. To make the most of your experience get involved on campus and make friends. I'm a first year and already plan on transferring in the springtime. Race / Ethnicity Race / Ethnicity Gender Sexual Orientation Disability Parent or Family Caregiver Veteran Status White (9) 4.2 Asian The pros and cons of each school right now is: Marist College: +Overall better school +Better available programs +Nicer, smaller campus +I would be staying in a dorm, so I guess its the "full college experience" +All internships are paid internships If I would have just gone straight to college from high school I would have my four year degree already and would be working in the field I am truly passionate about. However, if you're one of the others it's likely you might not like it. When making the choice of which college to attend, think about your values and morals. I had been out of school for a year, silently deliberating over whether or not to return (I had done two years at a community college at that point), and I wasn't sure where to apply. One of the reasons why you have been successful so far is your tenacity, and the fact you never give up once you set your mind to something. Pro #1: Asynchronous setup. 3. even though it doesnt say it ITS RELIGIOUS! Add this to the average school debt of $37,172 and it's not surprising the American . Social life as well as athletic events are fun and great to be apart of. The second thing I would tell myself is school is important but so is having fun. [ 122] These words of encouragement are simple: don't sweat it! Pro: easier to get a job A significant advantage of going to college is that college graduates show higher rates of employment. Wish I realized these things before, but the more you know. Here are the main pros and cons of attending a for-profit school, even one of the I would also tell myself to stay at school as much as you can to really make lasting friendships, get involved in your school, and get the most of of your four years of college because they go by extremely fast! Marist College itself could probably do a little more to have fun activities on campus for students. I would tell myself be prepared for the mental and physical breakdowns and know that they will make you stronger in every aspect of my life. I have worked really hard to get my associates and bachelors. Any advice on the pros and cons of each? Availability of many storage engines. Are you interested in music or performing? This college will definitely make you set for the restofyour life. The Cons of Credit Cards for College Freshmen. College is NOT high school. It adds to the student's debt. they appear as a match through our education While I felt alone and scared I failed to realize that all of the other freshman were in the same position as me. Most students live in off campus housing. College isn't as difficult as high school, in fact, it is much easier because you have more time and freedom to do the work without feeling too pressured. You have gone through standardized testing, social cliques, first kisses, first dates, finding your niche, late nights, and the occasional mental breakdown. When you visit the school that is right for you , you'll know it. And I realized my most memorable relationships were with them. Not an option for a 4-year degree in most circumstances. Creating a pros and cons list is an excellent way to help you narrow the schools down and see how they compare to each other. Flexible Hours 3. I like all the options for help. Do not be afraid of not wearing the right thing or not saying the right thing either because college is where you learn to make mistakes. The answer is simple: you'll feel it when you see the right one. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Marist College is right for you. Dear Nicole, This only resulted in a weekend where my parents struggled to not scream at me; as I look back I deserved that. Most importantly, college is where you learn to turn mistakes into learning experiences. you will be able to fit in because people will see who you are and recognize the positive traits about you. Beautiful campus, friendly professors and peers, and so many opportunities!!! An endowment is the total value of a school's investments, donations, and assets. Ad or Sponsored Listings or Sponsored Helps Students Explore Different Career Choices 4. You're also entering a new crop of unknown faces but you will find your support system. As a commuter I was nervous that there would not be enough activities or extracurricular activities for me but I was wrong! Here is a list of a couple: 1. You can also take a virtual campus tour to get a sense of what Marist College and Poughkeepsie are like without leaving home. The coronavirus has created questions about job prospects after graduation. My future is more imporant than anything that I might feel like I'm missing out on. Wondering what life at Marist College is like? Discover the schools, companies, and neighborhoods that are right for you. If you want to see Marist College for yourself, plan a visit. I'm in it right now as I type this, and it always facilitiates learning for its students, alumni, and even faculty. See them all and learn more about life at Marist College on the Student Life page. Short answer: No, there's no "wrong" way to go about your studies unless, of course, you blow off all your classes. Going into college I was excited but also very scared that I would not be able to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, or worse, that I would fail at ever getting my life together. Robust transactional support. My college experiences have been both positive and negative, and it wouldn't be fair to address the negative components only. Sabato's plan of removing the reelection process would and could increase the prosperity of the country and an increasing number of lost voices in the government, instead of an institution running things. My college experience is one to rememeber. Im a digital media major; I did end up transferring due to issues with athletics. You can get a head start on your career with this option without racking up a lot of debt. It's impossible to describe that feeling: chills down your spine, the lightbulb flashing on in your mind, whatever you want to call it - everything just clicks. I met so many students, and it empowering to help encourage younger student struggling in science courses. Already, I have questioned what I though I knew, and have realized I didn't really know and still do not know what my future holds. I'm actually transferring because I find I don't connect with people here, want a bigger school, one that is more racially and geographically diverse, and is in a city. When I first entered Marist College my freshman year in 2009 everything in my life changed. 82% of Marist College undergrads graduate within six years. As i look back on the things i have done so far, i feel as though college has given me a beter standing as far as interpreting or comprehending select materials. people only go to bars here frats are bad.. social scene here is not great but most people are nice. Pros and Cons. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 5,510 (fall 2021), its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 242 acres. Last but not least, I would tell denise to keep her dream alive no matter what. Finally, the last part of advice I would give myself is to keep my head up and to choose the right major of my choice so I can follow my dreams and never settle for less and give up. I would tell my high school self to focus on enjoying the little things in life. I think Marist is a beautiful campus however, I believe there should be more awareness of student activities so that student can be given the opportunity to participate in them. full-time, My son is transferring after 3 years of being neglected by the professors and academic advisors. Are there places close enough or on campus that will satisfy your needs? Very good writing center, career center and library. Access insights and advice on how to search and apply for scholarships! Most colleges have limited programs and limited influence and recognition. This transition will take time but it is the best transition yet. The college has a 16-to-1 student / faculty ratio, and undergraduates can choose from 47 Bachelor's degree . High performance and availability. provide, a comprehensive list of all schools (a) in the Marist also has a branch campus in Florence, Italy, offering study abroad, bachelor's and master's degrees. Helps in Boosting Academics Cons Of Community College 1. I know high school is tough; it's bound to be! One of the most important things to remember when you are choosing your college is how comfortable you feel there. Being away from home is the toughest part but you will soon make this new school your second home. I am present for the family pictures and summer trips to the beach but I am missing the everyday lives of my growing children. I began working that summer I graduated. You are not just a number to them, so they are more likely to care about your success. This is a way to get a sense of how satisfied students are with their school experience, and if they have the support necessary to succeed in college. Go hitchhike out west or live with your sister in London for a year. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. 3. Pros " Beautiful campus and wonderful coworkers " (in 23 reviews) " Supportive and flexible Work Environment " (in 12 reviews) Cons " Minimum wage and they didn't let me do direct deposit for some reason " (in 13 reviews) " Mid to lower level employees are not valued and room for growth is limited " (in 5 reviews) More Pros and Cons Marist College r/ marist. This decision is about what is right for you. Our work does directly help us with the fields that we are going into, and there are plenty of facilities to help us out academically and Carter wise such as the writing center and career center. As a black woman on this campus, there are no ways of helping us so we are often overlooked. Also, if you pass the placement test you get those credits so you can focus more on your major. 4. Surely enough without realizing it, each class I took and each friend and teacher I met, brought me from wandering aimlessly to walking a direct path. Pros: With small class sizes, your professors can get to know you better. The disadvantages of studying in colleges include: Not all colleges provide students with direct access to advanced degrees. education goals and interests. You can handle a big school and the work load. Remember you can reinvent yourself, and don't let that opportunity pass you by. Your life is about to get interesting whether you heed my advice or not, but if I were you and could do it all again - I'd take the year. Unemployment often drives adult learners to college, but this recession may be different. Pros And Cons Of College Parking. The food is good, there are different options everyday, and there should be something for you no matter what you like. A remember, just because you found Marist because a specific major doesn't mean it's not a big deal if you decide to switch from that original major. Pros: 1. I thought I had the world on a string and was sitting on a rainbow, and this letter of denial just crushed me. By Bhupendra Sharma December 20, 2016, Updated on : Thu Sep 05 2019 07:31:24 GMT+0000 +0 . My answer: yes. And when things dont work out it just means to try again or choose another path. It is one of the most important life changing events of their lives. Some of my classes have demanded that I participate in group work. + Honors students may receive more favorable attention from faculty, even those who do not teach honors-level courses. It is an economic system established on free market competition. Make the college choice, a choice that fits your needs as a student and how comfortable you feel there. That's why it's so important to visit all or most of the schools to which you've applied; a school that checks off all of your little boxes may just not meld with your personality once you've set foot on campus. However, if you're one of the others it's likely you might not like it.