No anonymous comments. Snaked the lines, drilled a hole, baking soda vinegar trick, and everything else under the sun. This is one of those old RVers tricks that gets you into hour long discussions as to what is best. Or you can take off the valve and replace it with a new one. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some say that the best way to lubricate a sticky black or grey tank valve is to use WD-40 on the handle and inside the box that holds the gate valve when it's open. It might still be pretty hard to open but hopefully, enough of the lubricant was able to get inside the valve to loosen it. Required fields are marked *. You may have to loosen a bracket holding the propane pipe but that is a snap too. I am in campground with blk tank maybe 3/4 full. Valterra Cable RV Holding Tank Dump Valve - 1-1/2 inch, Valterra TC172. We are not lost in the Woods..Just Extreme boondocking!!!!!! Keystone RV Forums > Keystone Tech Forums > Repairs & Maintenance: Lubricating dump valves? Both valves are at the back of the tanks near the end of the dropped frame. All Rights Reserved. Ron and Joan2005 Itasca Sunova 34A2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. PHOTOS COMING SOON! You are using an out of date browser. Russ. To treat the typical tank, 3 to 4 ounces of the mild, perfumed treatment is sufficient. The Glamping Guys 6.73K subscribers Subscribe 8.7K views 2 years ago #gaycouple #rvlifestyle. They did work but were very hard to pull out and push in. A plumber friend of mine told me to use it on my clean outs when I plumbed my house. They have a system for shooting lubricant down motorcycle brake and clutch cables using a spray can and a foam rubber adapter. Its called, Youve got no place to go if your holding tank valves wont open.. 3. Drain Tanks and Unbolt Waste Valves. Could be the valves or the cables need lubricating. Whats the best way to clean an RV waste valve? Regardless of this potential revenue, unless stated otherwise, we only recommend products or services we believe provide value to our readers. Make sure your tanks are empty and clean. Manufacturer pictures, specifications, and features may be used in place of actual units on our lot. vinessa vidotto parents. Only lubricated 2 times but started sticking after all these years. RV drain valve lubricant is to be used when the RV holding tanks are empty. Click to visit Daves forum. Please be as brief as possible. How Much Does a Thousand Trails Membership Cost? A 7/64ths inch drill bit and a #8x1/2 inch stainless steel screw works best to plug the hole.You don't have to use lithium grease, you can use any lubricant that you think is appropriate and one that will not damage the valves in your particular system, which may be different than mine. A sticky holding tank valve is a pain in the neck. This photo shows the drain pipe bayonet with the lever just to the left and a long rod dangling with little support. There is a rubber seal on each side, which should be conditioned at least at the time of storage and a few times during the camping season. how to pronounce canadian cities. Install a grease zerk or access port so the valve can be lubricated without removing the valve. no go! gauges not work so guess. Can Different RVs Use The Same Door Key? I had forgotten what a difference this makes, valves work better than new! Squeeze the flanges together and insert the four bolts and nuts. But if youre in a tough situation with an RV holding tank valve that wont open when you need to dump your RV its a simple trick you can try. First, keep the rod well lubricated. Works great. What are your thoughts on lubricating waste tank valves? Thought about lubricating, but they were five years old. This is where RV drain valve lubricant comes in handy. In addition, after cleaning the tank, i would try to tilt the rig away from the valve to preclude that last bit of water from escaping. Plug the hole using a small screw so no waste water comes out of it when the valve is opened. Take care of all of the different parts of your RV. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. TRIONIC offers an extensive line of Marine and RV water and holding tanks to meet most size and durability requirements. The gate valves that open the black and grey tanks start to get difficult to open and close. NPS calls out YouTube and TikTok users. Dont wait until it gets stuck. 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The lubricant is heavier than water which means it can sink to the bottom. Confirm Availability. Thats what campground bathrooms are for. If your valve is getting stuck, you might need to replace it down the road anyway. Startseite; Die Bckerei. If youve tried the suggestions below and the gate valve is still sticky or stuck closed it could be an issue with the cable and not the valve. tried the dump the soap lube down the toilet and the shower. View Details. Double Slide Class A Mirada w/Bunk Beds, Rear Queen Bed w/Nightstands, Wardrobes w/LCD TV Above & Bunk Bed Slideout, Angle Shower, Sink, Toilet & Overhead Cabinet, LCD TV in Living Area, Booth Dinette & Sofa Slide, Euro Chair, Dbl. Let the lubricant sit for a few minutes so it has time to work on the gate inside the valve. Some RVers who have been flummoxed by sticky valve handles have gone a step further than the simple advice to lube it every now and then. A very simple and inexpensive procedure is used that. I cacant get underneath due to medical issue.again handle on cable moves but nothing comes out. By Doug Swarts How to conquer the fear of breaking down in remote areas, Lawsuit could upend operations of, Montana moves to save some campsites from filling up with out-of-staters, Fact-checking, ethics & corrections policy. Fulltimer Class ofLate2015, with my beautiful bride, Lori. Use Thetford RV drain lubricant regularly and make sure you are using RV black tank treatment and plenty of water after dumping. Only downside is that the 303 is more expensive than either of the others. This trick could get very messy, especially if you are working on the black tank valve. A stuck (or broken) holding tank valve is a really big issue if it happens, but can easily be prevented. I use the Valve Lub available at the RV store. This is easy and fairly cheap and could be the best option. Thetford has a great product we have used for several years called the Drain Valve Lubricant. Holding Tank Treatments; Water Hoses; Sanitation Hoses & Accessories; Toilet Paper; . Most important, we want to hear from you so please leave us a comment.\rHAPPY GLAMPING \u0026 SAFE TRAVELS!\r\r\r****************\rVIDEO \u0026 MUSIC\r****************\rVideo \u0026 Editing by Jason Bowles\rOriginal Music by Tod Kimbro\rcopyright 2020 Tod Kimbro \rAll rights reserved.\rOriginal \u0026 copyright free music and/or a combination of is also used in some of our videos. Now finger-tighten the four bolts/nuts then use a wrench and tighten them to 20-inch pounds of torque OR no more than 1 1/2 full turns. Once a year I dump some vegetable oil down each waste water tank as well as use the usual supplied straw that comes with every can of spray lube and force some lube by the handle end of the cable. A very simple and inexpensive procedure is used that takes about 5 minutes to perform. A small T-shaped handle allows you to grab the rod and pull back the gate, permitting the contents to flush forth. First, dump a bunch of dish soap into the holding tank that has a stuck valve. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Likewise, to prevent gunk buildup and maintain pliable seals, you can pour vegetable oil down the drain and allow it to coat the RV waste valve. Another area that you will want to inspect is the actual lever rod and cable if you have a remote location for the handle. You can also inspect the seals during this process to make sure they are still in good condition. They recommend using 1/5th of the bottle with 4 gallons of water. You may want to place a bucket underneath to catch anything that might leak out. Let sit for a few minutes and then exercise the valve by opening and closing a few times. I have heard both ways over the years, might depend on where you are from. \rCome join us for some GLAMTASTIC ADVENTURES!\r\r\r****************************************\rPLEASE SUBSCRIBE, CLICK THE BELL, \rLIKE, COMMENT \u0026 SHARE!\r****************************************\rThanks for watching! Its completely normal for this to happen. Wait as long as you can before trying to open the stuck black or grey tank valve again. (877) 652-0399 Get Directions. Last update on 2023-03-04 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API, Your email address will not be published. Mor Ryde Disk Brakes - ALL 4 CALIPER TO AXLE TUBE BOLTS/NUTS WERE MISSING!!! Then when done with gray valve, removed oil from trap and used it down the toilet for the black tank valve. Do not use WD-40. Empty and clean your tanks by filling the tanks 2/3 full of water then dumping, repeat until the clear view fitting at the sewer ground inlet runs clear and free of particulate. This can get kinked or rusted and make it hard to open and close the valve, as well. Doug Swarts is a 25-year RV industry expert at creating and implementing revolutionary products for all RV waste management systems. The waste tank T handle is in the wet bay. Glad to hear it worked for you. tried veg oil, also gallon dish soap,and sil grease fitting , all did not help . How to Fix Your RV Water Pump Check Valve. Hopefully, the valve just needed a little space and it opens after just a few turns. I use a couple bottles of vegetable oil in the black water tank,after flushing well,then open and shut the valve quickly.Never had a problem with sticky valves since. so should I leave alone and hope there is enough room for freezing expansion or should I use up room and put a gallon or so in my tank! If you prefer, you can replace the entire valve. Just make sure the tanks are empty! When you dump the tanks you just pull the handles. All seams are solvent welded and have a 1" mounting flange. Doug is the founder of Drain Inc., Hollister, CA, which sells as well as installs Drain Master, Waste Master, 360 Siphon, HepvO and other RV waste-related products. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Serving RVers for more than 20 years. I have keep my valve at the 5:00 oclock position but first spray with silicone been that way since 2013 now 2021. Remove the valve from the flanges. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 20082023 RV LIFE. My waste tank valves have gotten quite stiff. Diverter Valves; Holding Tanks; Sewer Accessories; Water Pressure Regulator; Waste Valves; . What Is Primitive Camping? 1 How do you lubricate RV holding tank valves and cables? now its a pleasure too open and close the valves they work nice and easy. . - 89-8282 Does the RV Airflow System Actually Work? 17 year old rig, see sig. I have easy access to mine. 5 Regrets of RV Camping in a National Park. Some RVers use this next trick on the black and grey tank valves so they can lubricate them from the outside whenever they want. Plug the hole with a small screw. Do they actually work? I wonder if I should continue using it? Heres How to Fix Your Stuck RV Black Tank Valve, How to Unstick Your Stuck RV Black Tank Valve, Preventing Your Black Tank Valve From Getting Stuck Again. 714-703-8200;; Search. Once you detach the valve, clean around the seals and gaskets. The 19th Hole: Featured RV-Golf Resort Eagle Nest Resort/Polson Bay GC, Get Free Weekly RV LIFE Updates in your Email Inbox, Decluttering Your RV: Make The Most Of Your Small Space, Passport America Discount Camping Club Is Still Going Strong, The BestCounty Park CampgroundsFor RVers. We sold our home in April 2018 to downsize into a Grand Design 344GK-R 38ft Fifth Wheel. Are the National Parks in Oregon Worth Visiting? _____ John 2015 F250 6.7l 4x4 2014 Cougar X Lite 27RKS 05-28-2020, 01:47 PM . Again, its an easy fix, if done properly. No anonymous comments. If the bolts get removed all of the ways the gate valve will fall open and the contents of the holding tank will come spilling out uncontrollably. Give our video a thumbs up to like, share on your social media, and tell your friends. Pour 1/4 bottle in each drain. I full time and in the winter at times. Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the RV Handbook as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club. went to drain black water tank and handle came out with the cable nothing drained so i pushed cable back so did the end of the cable come off, the gate ? I will report back the results. In some cases the 1.5-inch gray valve gets sticky over time especially if the RVer is not using his RV full time. They act as a door that keeps the wastewater in the appropriate tank until you wish to empty it at an appropriate dump facility. PROPER METHOD OF LUBRICATION CALL 361-729-0031 FOR MORE INFO. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil will all help. It flows through the waste plumbing system and into the holding tanks. Sometimes a simpler solution is all thats necessary. When you dump a tank and the handle is pulled to the open position, simply shoot the stainless rod with a good shot of lubricant spray containing silicon or Teflon. This will get the lube on both sides of the seal and the rod.