In-store pricing may vary. It also comes with a different style brush roll, one is listed for multi-purpose and the other for gentle. Run time suppose to be 30 minutes which is OK for A few people mentioned that FloorMate is noisy. If you have more than this to do and want to get it all done in one shot, you'll need another battery or have to suffer the recharge time, which was not quite 2 hours to get a full charge. This FloorMate Jet is going to save me a lot of time, part of my duties in the house to help out my wife is the floors and before this I would have to vacuum the area, then get out the steam mop, essentially doing the area twice, not to mention the steam mop only has a 12 ft cord and I would have to position it three times to clean the whole areaand clean the pad at least once. submitted to our " Community Forums". If the sprayer is clogged, turn the cleaner on and lower the hose to the floor. Fill the water tank with hot tap water. Permanent link to this article: You might be asking, Isnt that the point of the machine? Well it is, but its also a vacuum and well talk more about that function in the next section. Its incredible how dirty the water in the tank gets, [it] makes me feel so much better when my kids play on the floor !!!. All rights reserved. It has brooches that spin 360 degrees, it can dry your carpet with ease, it is lightweight, and it comes with multiple attachments for cleaning different surface areas. Also, check to see if the cleaning solution tank is empty and fill it. Check this too: Neato Vacuum Troubleshooting & How-to Guide. If it lives up its promises at its current price the Hoover FloorMate costs less than some vacuum cleaners alone on the market go for. Cant use a mop anymore and was looking for something else. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner, Wet Dry Vacuum, FH40160PC, Silver, Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate Jet Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, Wet Vacuum with 3Ah Battery, BH55210, White, For general information about previous Hoover FloorMate models, see below, How well does it perform? It literally saved me hours of being on my hands and knees with a bucket and sponge along with constantly changing out the water. This Hoover FloorMate Deluxe hard surface cleaner lets you quickly wash and dry your sealed wood, vinyl, grout and tile floors. As an end-user, well need to commit to a follow-up ritual to prevent problems and prepare the Floor/Mate for a healthy next use. I would buy it again. Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2023, My home is mostly tile floors. If your Hoover carpet cleaner is not spraying water, there are a few potential reasons why. It was also dry by the time I got halfway across the room provided I went over the area on "dry" to suck up the extra water before moving on. It looks like my oil tank is starting to leak. BISSELL Hardwood Floor Cleaner. 949Feedbacks, Bronze Post Medal for All Time! Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, Wet Dry Vacuum, Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, Wet Dry Vacuum, FH40160PC, Silver, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon, Style: Floormate Deluxe + Paws & Claws Solution 32oz, Style: Floormate Deluxe + Renewal Solution 32oz. + The Hoover Floor/Mate is well engineered and fit and finish are exceptional. Take the tank(s) out and put the tank back in place in a straight and aligned position. Specifications. Terms and Conditions-wp - Privacy Policy-wp, There are two NEW versions of the Hoover FloorMate Vacuum/Floor Cleaners. Refill bottles are not expensive and are then diluted. . Allowing water or solution to sit in the tank could cause damage such as cracks. Unscrew the cap to the water compartment and fill the tank up to the fill line with water. Using a rag or paper towel, wipe the area of the leak dry and use a permanent marker to mark each spot of the leaks. This came in the mail on Friday and I got to use it Saturday. Most FloorMate owners specifically mentioned that it cleaned textured floor surfaces well, although there were a few comments that it could have cleaned better in deep grout. I can't wait until they come out with a vacuum that will steam dirty or high traffic areas as you go. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner FH40160 Dirty Water TANK ONLY at the best online prices at eBay! REPAIR KIT FOR SOLUTION / CLEAN WATER TANKS ON F5000 SERIES STEAM CLEANERS INCLUDES. 2- STEP TWO . I will say that it takes two hands to release the brush assemblyand you would need a third hand to pull the assembly out. It also features the regular cleaning mode. Was five star, down to four less than 2 years later. Proceed to clean the rust using a rust-removing cleaner. The solution water tank runs straight thru to the floor before I even turn it on Reply. Next to the pedal is an indicator light that denotes which mode the FloorMate is in at the time of use. If the tank does not spray water, check to see if there is an air bubble is stuck in the pump or the hose. The Hoover FloorMate has a one-year warranty. ), battery, charger, cleaning and storage tray, and an extra roller brush. And you'll need to remove the roller brush, I rinsed it, dried it with paper towels, and then stood it up in the included storage tray to air dry. Highly recommend a 2nd battery to keep charged to avoid having to wait for recharge when power is low. What is amazing about this, is that the little fabric roller bar spins so fast and by virtue of that, it lightly scrubs at probably 1,000 times a minute (not hard, very soft brush, like a fluffy cotton blanket or something) the floor. Posted: Dec 20, 2019. To remove the nozzle or stair cleaner attachment, unlatch them first before removing them. If you're still having issues, feel free to reach out to us via Facebook, tweet us @HooverUSA or simply give us a call at 1-800-944-9200 (M-F 8a-6p EST). 1 oz. Table of Contents. The system we have come up with for a good scrub is using soap and our floor scrubber for cleaning, then this machine for sucking up the dirty water and rinsing with clean water. So my advice is to remove the water tank and store it upside down or clean it out after each use to prevent this from happening. *You're signing up to receive QVC promotional email. Household Cleaning, Kitchen Appliance Service and Repairs, >Electric< Small Kitchen and Home Appliances, HOOVER Hard Floor Cleaner Floor scrubber Parts | Model FH40010 | SearsPartsDirect, Water Heater Troubleshooting - Leaking Tank, Need advice for annual water heater draining. Set the Mode selector dial for "Wash" to get the brushes to rotate. Five minutes later it just shuts off and if you werent done, it is. >Electric< Small Kitchen and Home Appliances - hoover floormate tank leak - Hoover floormate fh40010 clean solution tank leaks. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2023,, Inc. or its affiliates. When it worked, it worked pretty good. problems contact then were OK giving this a 4 star review. Hoover Solution Tank Spring 012-38312014. Then, you vacuum back up what is left over from what you just sprayed and rolled/scrubbed. Click below to answer. Quick drying power leaves your floors dry. It also doesn't really clean the grout since it sits at a lower elevation than the top of the tile. Does not feel like cheap junk. . Ensure everything that was taken apart is attached correctly and store the Hoover. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. 1 battery ample for quick touchup of our 1600sqft home. The ONEPWR battery system apparently works on multiple tools or items, of which I was not aware of, but good to know. The advertised ONE-STEP-CLEANING leaves out the necessary follow-up. Prices and offers are subject to change. So, the other part of this is that the machine is solid. Armstrong pump Astro 230ci: purring noise, Aroma ARC 998 Rice Cooker - How to take apart, Kitchenaid microwave: loose outer door panel. Plan is to use it downstairs and on the carpeted stairs. The attachment you use depends on the area size you wish to clean and the type of cleaning you want to do. I get it. After tiling there is that heavy film after grouting. Turn it on spurt solution on vinyl tile floor and all it . 4.8 out of 5 stars with 60 ratings. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . We also recommend checking the filter by removing it from . With 90% positive reviews durability was not a major concern unless the machine arrived damaged or defective, in which case we recommend testing the machine right away before discarding the box or receipts, or in case of user error. Look for the leaking areas of the tank container. But thats what needs to be done if I want a big battery to use. Empty the dirty water and refill the clean water tank if needed. All together the effort adds up and can be cumbersome. That seems to work best. Then lift the lid from the dirty water tank and pull the hose connector from the slot. I take the floormate out 1-2 times a week. Simply press it to switch between the two modes. You can also try flushing the tank with water to remove the caked cleaning solution. My last Hoover upright vac weighed too much and took some time to get used to. You then take out the clean roller and wring the access water and let it air dry. Also check the valve on the machine. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner, FH40160PC . Having a battery operated vacuum is very handy when you have a quick mess to clean up and being able to swap out batteries is even better to keep on cleaning when you need it. ~Kenya, Hoover Customer Care. Until we had a ValueDry water management system installed, our basement was a swampcomplete with creatures crawling and slithering. The nozzle may also fail to spray if the detergent container is empty during a wash. Repeat the refill process mentioned above to refill the cleaning solution tank. This was well thought out - the cleaning tray and how to do it is very cool. I hope this will help! Review Summary The included battery is a 3.0 Ah battery, but there is clearly room for a bigger battery in the FloorMate. When the vacuum feature was mentioned people were clear that it wasnt going to replace your primary vacuum. Common problems with the hoover floormate. I feel like the roller should be closer to the ground because sometimes it leaves streaks of water and regurgitates dirty water. Prices and offers are subject to change. + Filling a reservoir with liquid is easier than dragging around a bucket and mop. It does a great job at sucking up dirt, just nothing too heavy (will not pick up small gravel or dried Play Doh for instance). Yes, it could be quieter (although then the engine might be weaker); it could suck up more water on the wash mode (but i suggest using the squeegee only mode if you need that); yes it could weigh less (although i suspect it would come at the price of cheaper construction). Provided you still have battery remaining, clean-up involves putting it in its tray, which keeps it from drip drying on your floor, adding a little water and tipping it back while its on. Then you can only check the charge status directly on the battery when it is off the charger. (Incidentally, all the carpet is now removed. The Power Scrub Elite is a bigger and improved version of the Power Scrub Deluxe carpet cleaner. Slide the tank out and away from the cleaner. Copyright Allergies have improved after cleaning floors with this once! When I was drying the carpet with the vacuum, it was still squirting water (which made drying it useless). feet or so of floor space was done with this machine - and it looks so darn good. To do this effectively, you need to remove the nozzle from the Hoover and clean it. one the nifty and effective spray, power brush, and vac . One is a multi-surface and the other is softer for wood floors. CONs: Some of the advice from Moms is: Cleaning with a Floor Mate, Best Way to Clean Wood Floor, Laminate Wood Floors That test, as well as the amount of dirt in the used water collector at the end of the cleaning job, was their evidence that the floors were thoroughly cleaned. Over all the this machine is worth every penny, and so happy have purchased the onepwr blade+ stick vacuum and the spotless go carpet and upholstery spot cleaner. Next, prime the pump by holding down the trigger for up to 1 minute. Theres less stress when I dont have to deal with a 30 cord which is not quite long enough to get it done in the condo. As a general rule, any floor that you would normally clean with water and a scrub brush, is fine with the Floormate Deluxe. 1995-2023 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Be sure to reach customer service during their operating hours to avoid what happened to this person: Its Saturday so I cant call customer service. Were going to have to commit clean-up and clean-out time as part of any quick floor mopping. If any of the issues listed above is the cause, remedy the issue and try to turn it on again. Reviews from customers may include My Best Buy members, employees, and Tech Insider Network members (as tagged). It takes a little more effort with the other machine I had. A lot of people talked about how it easy it was to fill and empty the water buckets. Its probably safe to say the Hoover FloorMate is not going to be a replacement for all the vacuuming thats done around the house. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As with most new appliances, there are some downsides. Or until the carpet or floor surface is clean. Purchased this quite a while ago, and I'm so happy with it! Pretty eye catching design in my opinion. If the Hoover wont turn on, it results from a power disconnect or a damaged part. Ahead of time I read a review that mentioned to check all the little rubber gasket parts and make sure they are in and stay in place so I did that right away and after over a month now of using it at least 8 times now, it works like a champ. This worked perfectly, I was just amazed I could have cried tears of joy. Clean water tank is leaking into the device, no water spraying out the bottom. But I used it and it works. The picture shows what I got up after not only vacuuming, but also mopping, prior to using this for the first time. Looking for best transition? This is my 3rd one. With Dual Tank technology and specialty brushes for wood, tile, and grout, you can have a deluxe clean anywhere you need it. The best part of this machine is the cleanup after using it. Enabling you to clean larger spaces faster. With this machine, you can clean the roller before removing it. I've had my Hoover Floormate for 15+ years now and I've put it through hell, and used a pine cleaner, and it still works just fine, f you use a 3:1 water to pine ratio and don't let the solution set in the machine after use (run just water through after cleaning) it works just fine. - Easy and convenient touch-free roller cleaning keeps me from having to handle a nasty floor roller--just put a little water (using the thoughtfully provided measuring cup) in the storage tray and let the roller spin for 15 seconds, then set the roller onto the attached spindle to dry The Hoover FloorMate got high marks for easily cleaning floors that had previously required traditional mopping, or manually cleaning on hands and knees. By logging into your account, you agree to our. How hard is it or should I go with a whole new tank assembly? Storage tray is compact, it can hold the upright vacuum and small portion to store the extra brush and one to dry out, in addition to the small measuring cup used to pour water into the front room of the tray to clean the brush. It did a pretty good job vacuuming my condos carpets. To prevent leaking it's recommended to always empty the tanks after use and to only use the Hoover FloorMate cleaning solution with your unit. It does well in two tasks, and in one area there is room for improvement. Well, Hoover ONEPWR Floormate Jet Cordless will clean the floor, vacuum it all up and make it easy to dump away without having to even unravel a cord and find an outlet. +The ONE PWR cleans. Fill the tank with Hoover's solution. I would recommend and purchase this model again. It is easy to use and maintain. Overall i am VERY happy with it and would recommend it to anyone. The vast majority of our reviews come from verified purchases. Does anyone out there have any experience with this model/? Not the case with this product. We noted lots of thoughtful design touches that took the effort and guesswork out of setting it up, and for keeping the user clean while working with it. If the brushes still do not rotate after cleaning them, buy the necessary replacement parts and replace them. If your not sure about buying this product..JUST GET IT. + I delayed this review so we could try washing/vacuuming a carpet runner in front of our kitchen working area. Its easy to get carried away with the spray so its good to keep an eye on how much water youve applied. Rinse out the chamber and the filter if needed. It does suck back up dirty water. It still worked, but it was just kind of messy trying to get it filled and plugged into the machine while it was leaking . Rinse the nozzle and reattach it to the hover. For everyday use, or a quick light clean, it works well and doesn't leave a lot of water on the floor. FloorMate Pros and Cons The highlights of the machine were how fast and easy it made floor cleaning compared to using a mop and bucket or cleaning by hand. I really like that it vacuums and mops at the same time. [12] 3. As you can see in the photos above and below there are six scrubber brushes that clean by spinning at a high rate. removable battery so I can just keep cleaning; separate compartments for clean and dirty water; spray trigger for wetness on demand--can use dry or wet; easy to handle; less hassle than mop and bucket; cleans the floors in less than 1/2 the time of sweeping then mopping. We're sorry.This item is not available at this time. I needed something to help me clean floors more quickly because our whole house is either wood or tile. With Dual Tank technology and specialty brushes for wood, tile, and grout, you can have a deluxe clean anywhere you need it. I still have to run a broom down the edges and then wipe the floor and baseboards with a rag but the bulk of the job is very easy with this unit. But do not turn it on just yet. I get the opportunity to try out many new things and I'm going to tell you that this is one of the most exciting and ingenious inventions in quite some time. OK, a little history on this product. I put down a tile floor recently. During our research into the Hoover FloorMate we found that over 90% of FloorMate owners gave it Four or Five Stars for overall performance in their online ratings. Then remove the cleaning solution tank and inspect it for clogs. Three Essential Carpet Cleaning Techniques, Best Rated Robot Vacuum iRobot Roomba 770, Natural Cleaning That Also Saves You Money, Alter the ratio of cleaning solution and water to balance cleanliness, streaking and drying speed, Practice different machine angles and movements when cleaning and drying; try with or against grain, or across or in line with grout lines, for example, Notice how much floor area to clean before going back to run the dry cycle to reduce how long water stays on floor. Item could not be added to cart. you'll see the end result is worth it and easy in comparison. Took it out the box. The floor needs to be nearly spotless in order to mop efficiently since it the collection chamber gets clogged. 1- Runtime frustration. The collection tank is small, but you don't need a lot either, because it isn't like trying to clean deep pile carpets, it is a flat hard surface so you only use what you need and that isn't much. Models & Prices. No cleaning at all can cause clogging as well. Then press the cover latch at the back of the tank to open the lid. You should also maintain the vacuum from time to time using a toothbrush and pipe cleaner to remove any potentially clogging lint. I have tried everything from a steam-mop machine to hands-and-knees scrubbing. A line on the tank advises you on how much cleaning solution to add. Its pretty simple to setup, use, and clean. First, this is cordless, it makes you want to clean more since you do not have a long cord to deal one. It can also use the Hoover to clean mattresses, bedding, rugs, auto upholstery, and fabric sofas. Check if the water tank is overflowing and pour out the excess water or empty it. Not sure what else there is to add. Includes FH40160 FloorMate Deluxe hard floor cleaner and sample bottle of cleaning solution. There is no work-around. You may feel differently. Have another vac for upstairs area. The problem turned out to be a 128C thermal fuse mounted on the motor behind a black plastic sleeve. This will fill the tank up to the large area 8 times, which it classifies large area as about 600 sq feet. Look for cracks or holes in the tank. This vacuum uses a nozzle, activated by a button inside the handle, to spray water right in front of the vacuum. The clean water tank leaks through the machine as soon as I attach it to the machine. They suggested paying attention to small details during the first few uses to improve results. Third one I purchased is still sitting in a box because this one is still going strong. this could be a result of a loose lid. Assuming youve got only one bucket with you, ALL subsequent cleaning strokes spread increasingly dirtier water/cleaning mix across your floor. Dry mode stops brushes to suction up excess water and improve drying time. That is also about the time the battery dies on me as well. You simply push the vacuum back and forth for dry strokes without pressing the trigger to spray water. After that, you really should remove the detergent tank and allow it to dry. So all this and an attractive design makes this Hoover FloorMate Jet an attractive addition to any home that wants to have clean floors. If it seems too gross in the moment, it doesnt improve with time. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. . First this is not a vacuum. It has a little filter that you should clean out as well and let dry for 24 hours before using again. Empty Tanks. I mop our hardwoods/laminates several times a week and even so, I get so much dirt off that is only obvious when you use a paper towel to dry areas you just mopped. I can not being to express how well it worked. Hoover FloorMate has two water tanks located on the sides of the unit. With the traditional upright design, the vacuum cleaner offers high standards of cleaning on both floors and carpets; . Pour some water in the pan that comes with it and turn on the machine for maybe 10 to 15 seconds. The battery is not long lived enough to complete a home with wall to wall hard floors. SETUP: One time only, simple assembly. Meanwhile, we figure that the included hardwood floor brush is either loaded too high in the cleaning head, or the fibers themselves are too short; either way, they did not seem to actually reach the floor and clean it. Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate Jet Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, Wet Vacuum with 3Ah Battery, BH55210, White. 1.5-qt dirty/clean water capacity. With two batteries, I have plenty of power to do the entire house; just 1 battery would not be sufficient. This makes it perfect for removing pet stains. The FloorMate Deluxe does not heat the water. Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2023. To replace it, remove the screws holding in the fuse plate and replace the fuse. That's not a question, the machine contains water and cleaning fluid,you will need to go over the area first with the soap cycle and secondly with dry cycle, go slow so it picks up water. Start by removing any debris caught in the spin brush bristles. This won't replace my broom and it isn't a great tool for edges or corners but this is one of the best floor cleaning devices that I have ever purchased. Go out to dry concrete so you can see where it is leaking from. Some reviewers admitted to user error and were able to get their FloorMate working after looking at the instructions or contacting customer service. You also need to watch your battery unless you happen to have a spare. If I was putting tile down for a living this is what I would be using. Then replace accordingly. Finally, clean the gears in the center of the motor until they start spinning again. You can use the Hoover to clean carpets, sealed wood, vinyl, ceramic tiles, laminate floors, marble floors, and stone floors. Even when my lever was not off (not squirting water) the water was still leaking from the device. I am worried about the container spout leaking after time though with the chemical/water combo constantly in contact with it and I have had previous devices in the past where it eroded the insides and caused leaking issue. the 1st few strokes across the floor.