Toronto, Five points off the lead feels like an insurmountable margin, but Hazel keeps powering through to finish on 17 points. | Can someone message me when someone actually makes a relevant post about Only Connect? Edit Later in May, we were reminded that the Eurovision Song Contest is cheap (about 12 episodes of Mastermind) and popular (7.4 million viewers all evening). Next for Jonathan: a bit of a break, then more team quizzing, Online Quiz League and other buzzer tournaments. . Sign up. Dan Afshar is first into the chair tonight. The year normally means that in which the first match of the competition took place as the final often takes place in a different year. of Justice (, 2004 Professionals: Champions: British Library (. And we watch in our droves 4.25 million on average this year. 761 DIY K-105 0.3mm 606930mm 1 K-105 0.3mm 606930mm 1 Only Connect, Pointless Celebrities, Tipping Point, The Chase while it remains so popular, with House of Games set to challenge for the title in the years to come. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. The difficulty of questions generally increases by each round. Only Connect (2008-) is a BBC Game Show hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell. Almost. So, while we don't know which show offers the best value for money, we can name shows that could hold the honour. The first three series featured the lower case Greek letters Alpha (), Beta (), Gamma (), Delta (), Epsilon (), and Zeta (), as categories rather than the Egyptian hieroglyphs Two Reeds (), Lion (), Twisted Flax (), Horned Viper (), Water (), and the Eye of Horus (), The style of introducing contestants with. Hazel wants to come back to Mastermind, just to meet Clive Myrie. Even within the show, the music questions tend to be notorious for being difficult. Click here to upload yours. Nodding as soon as he knows the answers, snapping out the question some moments later when the question finishes, Jonathan never looks like he's going to be beaten. We'll drink to that. in one 2015 episode the actual categories were "places of worship", "famous Benjamins", "forensic dramas", and "nationalities with an additional letter". In the same way that we don't seem to have actresses any more. "Now please choose an Egyptian hieroglyph. Here's something that surprised us The Chase has an average prize of less than 5300 per episode. The quiz is unapologetically difficult and tests both knowledge and lateral thinking, each to a high standard. Dan gets all his specialist questions right, and scores a PERFECT ROUND of 10 points. Norville Rogers, Frederick Jones, Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley, In the case of a tie at the end of the Missing Vowels round, the teams are presented with one final Missing Vowels question for a tiebreaker, but they are not told the category, Series 1 (2008): The Crossworders (Mark Grant, David Stainer, Ian Bayley), Series 2 (2009): The Rugby Boys (Richard Parnell, Gary Dermody, Mark Labbett, Series 3 (Spring 2010): The Gamblers (Jenny Ryan, Series 4 (Winter 2010): The Epicureans (David Brewis, Katie Bramall-Stainer, Series 5 (2011): The Analysts (Paul Steeples, David Lea, William De Ath), Series 6 (2012): The Scribes (Holly Pattenden, Dom Tait, Gareth Price), Series 7 (Summer 2013): The Francophiles (Ian Clark, Mark Walton, Sam Goodyear), Series 8 (Winter 2013): The Board Gamers (Hywel Carver, Jamie Karran, Michael Wallace), Series 9 (2014): The Europhiles (Douglas Thomson,Mark Seager, Khuram Rashid), Series 10 (2014-15): The Orienteers (Paul Beecher, Sean Blanchflower, Simon Spiro), Series 11 (2015-16): The String Section (Tessa North, Richard Aubrey, Pete Sorel-Cameron), Series 12 (2016-17): The Verbivores (Phyl Styles, Graeme Cole, Tom Cappleman), Series 13 (2017-18): The Escapologists (Frank Paul, Lydia Mizon, Tom Rowell), Series 14 (2018-19): The Dicers (George Corfield, Hugh Binnie, Joey Goldman, Series 15 (2019-20): The 007s (Frankie Fanko, Andrew Fanko, Andrew Beasley), Series 16 (2020-21): The Puzzle Hunters (Paul Taylor, Katie Steckles, Ali Lloyd), Series 17 (2021-22): The Data Wizards (Claire Turner, Tim Brown, Jonathan Cairns), One Missing Vowels round had "Presidents of Footlights" as a category, seemingly just so that one of the answers could be, Victoria's father, Alan Coren, has also been a clue on the show; one set of clues in the 2011. In for a Penny is in Chester (ITV), and Epic Game Show has Celebrity Bullseye and that's at the earlier time of 7.30. Some specials appear in BBCs episode guide as a part of a particular series, even though they are nonrelevant to the tournaments. Since before Jonathan was born. Enter (part of) the player's name to find: Awarded annually from 1993-2019 by the Committee in recognition of outstanding support of the aims and activities of the league. Sign up now. ", Experimental Explorations with Herbie Hancock, Interviewing at York University Libraries, Sir Richard Francis Burton and General Charles Gordon, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. [3], Only Connect aired on BBC Four from 15 September 2008 to 7 July 2014, before moving to BBC Two from 1 September 2014. Some of the chat-and-game shows on Dave feel very inexpensive, but get very small viewerships 0.5m viewers and not even UKTV can make professional telly on 20k per hour. This is because the fourth clue is the answer in this round, therefore no clip exists of it. The best value show on telly? (Frankie Fanko, Andrew Fanko, Andrew Beasley) Series 16 (2020-21): The Puzzle Hunters (Paul Taylor, Katie Steckles, Ali Lloyd) Series 17 (2021-22): The Data Wizards (Claire Turner, Tim Brown, Jonathan Cairns) "What's the connection between these tropes? Marcus Terentius Varro (11627 BCE), March 1958: 314.43 ppm A few errors in this round, and Claire finishes with a score of 7. The players were originally given notepads and so spent a lot of time scribbling things down. However, it wasn't enough to secure him a place in the final, as fellow contestant Anthony scored an impressive 27 and won the round. Pointless Celebrities will be on a similar production cost it surely cannot be twice as cheap, and we don't see evidence that it's twice as expensive. I liked it so much I emailed in last month to say so. After scoring seven points, he. 0. Since the contestants were different on the two shows, they wouldn't have known about this brick joke until they saw it on TV. Surely you're not allowed to call a female comedian a commedienne these days? Recent budget cuts mean that Dan doesn't get to go to the Antarctic to make his film, but does go to a college where he sees a lifeboat that saved Shackleton's life. While talking about uses for Amyl Nitrate, she murmured "That's not what. Additionally, if the team that buzzes provides an incorrect answer (even by a single letter) or fails to answer quickly, the opposing team is given an opportunity to answer for a bonus point. Travel Writers vs. Science Writers, Urban Cyclists vs. Country Walkers) although not all of them worked (Lapsed Psychologists vs. For example, sequential clues of "Anger", "Bargaining" and "Depression" would be correctly followed by "Acceptance", these being the 2nd through 5th stages of the Kbler-Ross model of grief. The team then scores 1 point for correctly identifying the connections even in the groups they failed to find. For that, the BBC gets 16 hours of civilian Mastermind on primetime BBC2 (average audience: 2 million) and 7 hours of Celebrity Mastermind, mostly on Saturday teatime BBC1 (average audience: 3.25 million). 2023 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. It moved temporarily to Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff in late 2013, before settling in Enfys Studios in Cardiff from 2014 onwards. ", Andrew replied: "Turner" and host Clive Myrie then responded, "Tina Turner, yes. [12] From mid-2011, coinciding with series 5, the website took online submissions for new Connecting Walls; the online game was discontinued for series 10. radio. Things falter a little in the middle of the round, Cullodden and Flodden battlefields are confused, but things soon get back on track. Initially there was no penalty for guessing incorrectly on this round, but starting with the quarter-finals in Series 1, teams have faced a penalty of 1 point for each incorrect answer. Registered in England. Dan comes back, and gets off to a strong start. Autore dell'articolo: Articolo pubblicato: 16/06/2022 Categoria dell'articolo: rockin' the west coast prayer group Commenti dell'articolo: working at charles schwab reddit working at charles schwab reddit All best wishes from Toronto, says Bill, but I was really taken by Bills little CV at the end of his email: Librarian, artist and licensed private investigator. Bill, youve got to tell us more about your working week, cause that is a Sunday night ITV series waiting to happen, isnt it? The final score is 18, and the lead for at least the next three minutes. For the first couple of series, they also tried to pair up connected (or at least complementary) teams in the first round (e.g. Only Connect is a British television quiz show presented by Victoria Coren Mitchell. I also have experience of translating legal, technical, marketing, sport-related and general texts. Ontario. Frankie Fanko appears next, with specialist subject The Vienna Succession 1897-1905. It's the best thing they've played all year. ", who would later become one of the Chasers on, the wife of Crossworders captain David Stainer, making them the only married couple to both captain winning teams on the show, who would later become a notable British politician, The Scots word for "church" in common use in Scotland, Victoria procures a large knife and cuts into it, and proceeds to eat more of the cake during the first round, visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come. Anyway, thanks Bill. Frankie Franko is on Facebook. Dan does a lot of running, he's applied the same determination to his revision, and has great support from his partner Jen. We see members of the Honiton Spinners cycling club, a clip from The Weakest Link in 2001, and a chat with supportive son James. Frankie is a regular quizzer, winner of Only Connect last year, and will dedicate her performances to her late father; mother Ann endorses this view, as do The Songbirds Ladies Choir. And if that weren't enough, there are the music, In the first couple of series, it was not uncommon for the first two clues in a question to suggest a spurious connection that will be utterly demolished by the third clue, to catch out teams who try to answer early. He's taking Shackleton's Antarctic expedition of 1914-17. After the score recap, Hazel's straight back into the chair. Frankie Fanko in this week's episode was a finalist in the 2019 Brain of Britain on Radio 4. Frankie Fanko appears next, with specialist subject The Vienna Succession 1897-1905. (additional material) (9 episodes, 2009) Series Cast Series Produced by Series Music by Series Film Editing by Series Production Design by Series Makeup Department 06 June 2022 With Victoria Coren Mitchell, Frankie Fanko, Andrew Fanko, Andrew Beasley. Examples are "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish", "To the Victor, the Spoils" and "Winner Stays On". Play then alternates until each team has played three sets of clues. Once all groups are found, time has expired, or all three lives are depleted, the team scores 1 point for each group found within 2 minutes 30 seconds, and any groups not found are shown. My published translations include: [10] When presented with the clues, contestants are not told the type of the connection, and as such part of the gameplay involves establishing whether the connection is thematic, linguistic, factual, mathematical, etc. Further errors mean it's the entire advantage lost: 18 points. When Mastermind was put out to tender a couple of years ago, we found out the price per episode: just over 70,000, plus the host's fee. Frankie Fanko is a regular on TV and Radio quiz programmes.She has appeared on Are you an Egghead on a winning team in Only Connect and was a Brain of Britain finalist in 2019.Although if that young man repeats his performance of last night the other 5 finalists will struggle. [3], Only Connect aired on BBC Four from 15 September 2008 to 7 July 2014, before moving to BBC Two from 1 September 2014. Frankie is an extremely multi-talented musician, songwriter, and entertainer, but he also has an incredible gift of being able to connect us all together. Paul Sinha finished 14th. Email. Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions of Website Usage - Notice on abusive behaviour towards EBU staff. Fees for the celebrities need to be considered, but are only a line item in the budget alongside the lighting and studio hire. 14:34 Tue 20th Apr 2021 bednobs i want the historian to win. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. On Channel 4, Countdown gets 650,000 viewers, and we can almost believe that the budget is 40,000 per episode. The Connection Wall will almost invariably have a couple of items that could belong to multiple themes but will only be accepted as one. Each team receives a wall of 16 clues and are given 2 minutes and 30 seconds to sort them into four groups of four connected items. House of Games: lots of viewers, even more fun. Questions may also be self-referential, or based on linguistic or numeric tricks, rather than requiring any particular factual knowledge. The show's opening sequence displayed Greek letters in the first episode of Series 4, but these were replaced with the hieroglyphs in subsequent episodes. [6], Only Connect is deliberately difficult,[7][8] and its contestants are often characterized including within the show itself as nerdy or geeky. Only Connect is a British television quiz show presented by Victoria Coren Mitchell. We do get to see a video message from David Cronenberg, wishing Hazel all the best for her round. Two consecutive shows had the missing vowels category "Impressionists". 2008 - Nov 202113 years. "Legendo autem et scribendo vitam procudito. And so, with a champion's score of 28 points, Jonathan Gibson is the 2021 champion. We managed both walls tonight and three or four of the first two round questions, and I laughed out loud at Victoria at the beginning and the end. Even when they're wrong, as they are from time to time, Frankie gets the answers out quickly. Going all out for the victory, Claire's knocked off course by a couple of errors early on, and never quite recovers pace. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. The seventh series, which introduced a new system where teams who lost their first match got a second chance and could still end up in the final, had a running gag about Victoria being unable to get her head around it. On certain questions when a person's name was the answer, Andrew opted to give their surname only, rather than their full name. Plus, we will keep you informed of all upcoming concerts, events, and music releases. We use a small number of cookies to let you save user preferences and to give us information which will help us provide a better website service. Only Connect (BBC2) . Youll instantly be eligible for merchandise giveaways, advanced show tickets, invites to Frankies Meet & Greets, and so much more. We've heard it said of Only Connect, of Mastermind, of Pointless Celebrities. ", Taking to Twitter, one angry Mastermind viewer wrote: "That bloke on #mastermind trying to cheat by just giving the surnames as answers, and Clive Myrie taking him down by saying the full name - priceless! I'd heard him on Radio Four's Round Britain Quiz for quite a while (fantastic quizzing there, with Val McDermid and the recently added Frankie Fanko, whom I saw on BBC TV's Only Connect) but just this year poked around some more and found the show. A few people have asked recently if Their Favourite Show is the best value quiz on television. . December 2021: 417.41 ppm, Increase: 102.98 ppm Release Dates If the team guesses incorrectly, fails to answer after buzzing in a timely manner, or fails to buzz within the time allotted, the opposing team is shown any remaining clues and can answer for a bonus point. | A single slip leaves Harry on 9 points. Join Facebook to connect with Frankie Franko and others you may know. bbc ", A fourth added: "Trying to save time by only answering with a surname just causes Clive to repeat the full name.". Less "Gustav", more "Klimt". Facebook gives people the power to. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. An American president with honour and integrity, and who has the courtesy and grace to write and wish his student good luck. These score sheets are for unofficial quizzes only. BBC Brain will follow in due course; Claire and Dan may both be on the series this year. One of the contestants, Andrew Fanko, was fourth to take to the black chair and answer questions on African World Heritage Sites as his specialist knowledge topic. Its easy to do and absolutely free. Each programme has two teams of three people competing in four rounds of gameplay. The category of the puzzles is given before they are displayed, and each category contains a maximum of four puzzles. Teams may see a maximum of three clues, and must determine what would come fourth in the sequence within the 40 second time limit. Frankie Fanko in this week's episode was a finalist in the 2019 . A few questions on the minutiae of the films go begging, with a final score of 6. We pay for videos too. There are a lot of questions, and the resident stars are doubtless paid in more than plastic counters. Presumably you call your dominatrix a dominator? 2.75 million viewers, and even with the prize of about 4000 per day the budget doesn't feel hugely greater than Mastermind. Runners-Up: Cambridge Quiz Society (Paul Beecher. Hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell, the show consists of a tournament-type format in which teams compete by finding connections between seemingly unrelated clues. 2013 Champion of Champions: The Scribes (, 2012 Champion of Champions: The Crossworders (, 2020: Champions: Imperial College, London (, 2017: Champions: Balliol College, Oxford (, 2008 Professionals: Champions: Min. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. The data is seriously incomplete, so please. Ill be a regular from now on. Harry Heath is our fourth contender, taking Jimmy Carter. That's twice the Mastermind audience, and probably not for twice the budget. After scoring seven points, he returned for the general knowledge round but adopted a tactic that viewers immediately took issue with. ", with the four phrases being "driving penalties", "railway line junctions", "fielding positions in cricket", and ", In episode 7 of series 12, the Bardophiles guessed 'Central African Republic' as the answer to a sequence (of former names for the Democratic Republic of Congo). This page was last modified on 30 May 2021, at 11:07. Similarly, the move to BBC2 for the 2014/2015 series greatly expanded the field and the length of the series from around 13-15 episodes to a whopping 37. All Rights Reserved. OC was melding answers before ROHOG existed. Sometimes, even an entirely non existent category will be included (meaning that some answers could belong in a special category but all have to go someplace else), e.g. The team may press their buzzer to guess after the first clue for 5 points, the second for 3, the third for 2, or the fourth for 1. We've already paid tribute to all his good qualities, and we wish him a long retirement. Before the show, a coin toss is conducted to determine the order of play, with the winner deciding to either play first in Rounds 1 and 2, or pass to their opponent and play first in Round 3. Teams can score points without correctly identifying what the sequence is, but may be required to do so if the sequence is very specific or if they are providing a correct alternate sequence incorporating the three provided clues. #mastermind" View the profiles of people named Frankie Franco. Official site. Just enter your name and email below then click subscribe. 2023 Angel Town Productions, LLC . ", Another tweeted: "Really p****s me off when people only give the surname of an answer. He'll need a similar performance tonight. For the connecting wall round, each team stands socially distanced apart, with perspex screens separating them, with only the team captain permitted to use the keyboard. Series 1213 shifted to a format identical to University Challenge, with a knockout first round combined with a repechage for the best performing losers and double-elimination quarter-finals. In the end, both teams in the final had lost once already. Notice on abusive behaviour towards EBU staff. I loved it from the first one I listened to. Really annoyed at the coin toss question, as a Liverpool fan I should have got that one. In the series, teams compete in a tournament of finding connections between seemingly unrelated clues. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from A single error leaves the score at 9. (Many of these extra details are cribbed from All Things Quiz and their post-match chat with the contestants. Mean average calculated with 7-day data from, "Only Connect co-producer closes amid bumper order",, "The rest of the UK today (more or less)", "Sunderland quiz captain takes on TV's Only Connect", "Victoria Coren Mitchell on nerd pride and finding Only Connect's niche", "Only Connect: Warmth and humour make whip-smart Victoria Coren-Mitchell queen of the quizzes", "Only Connect: If you think answering the questions is hard, try setting them", "Only Connect: The quiz queen baffles us again in this infuriating and irresistible finale", "Only Connect: How I became a champion of champions", "Only Connect TV Show Season 1 Episodes List Next Episode", "Jack's Online Writings: Only Connect Series 1: Match 1: Lapsed Psychologists vs Knitters", "Rugby boys take on Cambridge swots in high-brown TV quiz", "Only Connect TV Show Season 2 Episodes List Next Episode", "Victory in BBC Four's 'Only Connect' for LSE's Mark Seager", "Orienteers v Romantics Only ConnectSeries 10 Episode 7 of 27", "String Section v Headliners Only ConnectSeries 11 Episode 6 of 27", "North Norfolk TV game show veteran named series winner in BBC2's Only Connect", "Jack's Online Writings: Only Connect Series 13: Grand Final: Escapologists vs Belgophiles", "Jack's Online Writings: Only Connect Series 14: Grand Final: Dicers vs Time Ladies", "Jack's Online Writings: Only Connect Series 15: Grand Final: 007s vs Suits", "Only Connect's Victoria Coren baffles us in this irresistible finale", "Only Connect Series 2, Episode 8 (Cambridge Quiz Society v Rugby Boys The Final)", "Only Connect Series 2, Episode 1 (Cambridge Quiz Society v Oxford Librarians)", "Only Connect Series 3, Episode 15 (Gamblers v Strategists)", "Only Connect Series 3, Episode 1 (Archers Admirers v Music Lovers)", "Only Connect Series 4, Episode 16 (Epicureans vs Radio Addicts)", "Only Connect Series 4, Episode 1 (Epicureans vs Courtiers)", "Only Connect Series 5, Episode 16 (Analysts vs Antiquarians)", "Only Connect Series 5, Episode 1 (Social Networkers vs Vegetarians)", "Only Connect Series 6, Episode 16 (Scribes vs Draughtsmen)", "Only Connect Series 6, Episode 1 (Joinees v Draughtsmen)", "Only Connect Series 7, Episode 13 (Francophiles v Celts)", "Only Connect Series 7, Episode 1 (Corpuscles v Cat Lovers)", "Only Connect Series 8, Episode 13 (Board Gamers v Bakers)", "Only Connect Series 8, Episode 1 (Lasletts v Pilots)", "Only Connect Series 9, Episode 1 (Heath Family v Exhibitionists)", "Only Connect Series 10, Episode 1 (Politicos v Felinophiles)", "Only Connect Series 11, Episode 1 (Cluesmiths v Operational Researchers)", "Only Connect Series 12, Episode 1 (Tubers v Bardophiles)", "Only Connect sheds close to a third of its viewers after move from Mondays to Fridays", "Only Connect Series 1 vs 2 Winners Special (Crossworders v Rugby Boys)", "Only Connect Children in Need Special (Wheelmen v Larks)", "Only Connect Series 3 vs Series 4 Winners Special (Gamblers v Epicureans)", "Only Connect University Challenge Special (Crossworders v University Challengers)", "Only Connect Comic Relief Special (Treesome v Larks)", "Only Connect Children in Need Special (Great Believers vs Free Speakers)", "Only Connect Wall Night Special 1 (Part 1)", "Only Connect Wall Night Special 1 (Part 2)", "Only Connect Series 1 vs Series 4 Winners Special (Crossworders vs Epicureans)", "Only Connect Only Connect vs Mastermind Special (Crossworders vs Epicureans)", "Only Connect Wall Night Special 2 (Part 1)", "Only Connect Wall Night Special 2 (Part 2)", "Only Connect Sport Relief Special (Cutters vs Backhanders)", "Only Connect Children in Need Special (Goldfingers vs Fowls)", "Only Connect Series 5 vs Series 6 Winners Special (Analysts vs Scribes)", "Only Connect Comic Relief Special (Neuromantics vs Muppets)", "Only Connect Children in Need Special (Scrabblers v The Balding Team)", "Only Connect Sport Relief Special (Scribblers v Terriers)", "Only Connect Children in Need Special (Noggins v Curiosities)", "Only Connect Comic Relief Special (Waterbabies v Tillers)", "Only Connect Children in Need Special (Music Monkeys v Chess Pieces)", "Only Connect Sport Relief Special (Royal III v BBC)", "Champion of Champions Special: Europhiles v String Section", "Sport Special: Footballers v Korfballers", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 15 Specials, Travel: Globetrotters v Eurovisionaries", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 15 Specials, Happy Hour: Alesmen v Cosmopolitans", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 15 Specials, Education: Clareites v Beaks", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 15 Specials, Champion of Champions: Verbivores v Escapologists", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 16 Specials, Christmas: Edwards Family v Wrights", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 16 Specials, North and South: Scunthorpe Scholars v Oxonians", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 16 Specials, Doctors: Medics v Gallifreyans", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 16 Specials, Music: Festival Fans v Choristers", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 17 Specials, Christmas: Turophiles v Corkscrews", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 17 Specials, The Birds and the Bees: Birdwatchers v Beekeepers", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 17 Specials, Cold: Nordiphiles v Apres Skiers", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 17 Specials, Champions: 007s v Puzzle Hunters", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 18 Specials, Christmas: Polyhymnians v Channel Islanders", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 18 Specials, Mystery: Endeavours v Whodunnits", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 18 Specials, Love: Part-Time Poets v Romantics", "BBC Two Only Connect, Series 18 Specials, Champion of Champions: Dicers v Data Wizards",, 8-team single-elimination tournament with third-place match, 16-team single-elimination tournament with third-place match, 16-team modified double-elimination tournament, 16-team modified double-elimination with third-place match, Wall Night Special 2 (Semi-finals & Finals), Champion of Champions Special: Europhiles v String Section, Travel Special: Globetrotters v Eurovisionaries, Happy Hour Special: Alesmen v Cosmopolitans, Champion of Champions Special: Verbivores v Escapologists, North and South: Scunthorpe Scholars v Oxonians, The Birds and the Bees: Birdwatchers v Beekeepers, Christmas: Polyhymnians v Channel Islanders, Champion of Champions: Dicers v Data Wizards. One of the youngest contenders in the series, Harry has been watching Mastermind since he was in nappies. | Not only to his music, but to one another. The puzzles are designed to include red herrings and to suggest more connections than actually exist, as some clues appear to fit into more than one category, but there is only one perfect solution for each wall. As in the previous round, one set of clues involves pictures, with teams describing the fourth picture in the sequence, and starting from the quarterfinals of Series 10, there is occasionally a sequence made by three music clips, with contestants supplying the title or artist/s of the fourth unplayed music clip. If youd like to join in, please sign in or register. Probably not a lot longer. This column hasn't, you probably haven't, Hazel Humphreys has. That will do your honour fine! Claire Barrow steps forward next, taking the specialist subject of Cole Porter. Contents 1 Teams 2 Episodes 2.1 First Round 2.2 Elimination Round 2.3 Qualification Round 2.4 Play-Offs 2.5 Quarter-Finals 2.6 Semi-Finals 2.7 Third Place Play-Off 2.8 Final Teams Episodes First Round