Desco, Prinny Kurtis, Raspberyl, Masked Hero, Ghost, Reaper, Mothman, Nekomata, Succubus, Alraune, Emizel, AA Flonne, Raspberyl, Rozalin, Onmyo Monk, Magician, Cleric, Sorcerer, Ghost, Succubus. Valvatorez, Fenrich, Fuka, Desco, Axel, Prinny Kurtis, Warrior, Magic Knight, Lady Samurai, Android, Bouncer, Ghost, Mothman, Succubus, Prinny, Japanese Disgaea 4 Wiki for character info,, English evility descriptions based on Disgaea Wiki,, 84Mantines for bouncer and some name confirmations, Evility Name - Name of the Evility shown in-game, Evility Description - Effects of the evility. Start the cycle by getting a subdued innocent of the type you're trying to level. Have your Onmyo Monk and Thief ready when you go into item world. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. You'll eventually want all your equipment to be of the same rarity in order to get a stat bonus for having all the same rarity items equipped. Disgaea 4 is the best game in the series. Once the bonus gauge is full and contains an item you want, beat the floor. The first time you beat map 9-4, it won't be obvious what's so good about it, but that's because the map is arranged very differently for subsequent tries, where there's a bunch of Eryngi arranged in a formation that can be perfectly targeted by big Desco's Yog Sothoth skill (which she learns at level 100). You can also immediately sell the Promotionhell Tickets back and use the money you get back to buy even more tickets. You must have the Discipline Room symbol on the board to have the beastmaster in your base. Keep beating the level over and over until you can very reliably one shot them. Increase magic damage by 50% when SP is less than 25%. Valvatorez and his allies travel to Earth to stop Judge Nemo's plan of destroying Earth. Why is Flonne not a fallen angel in this game? Increase EXP granted upon being killed by a%. Monster Riding was a cool mechanic. Emizel, Vulcanus, Rozalin, Witch, Magic Knight, Onmyo Monk, Sorcerer, Ghost, Succubus. Attacks have long range and can target in any direction. Tier 9 unlocked by the Necromancer class. Gamers control a small squad of wizards, warriors, and ruffians, who fight together in turn-based combat against enemies and rivals, through magical, gothic-fantasy inspired settings. Shocked at his weakness, they discover that the 'fear energy', the power source of the demons, has run dry ever since humans became less superstitious and began fearing each other more than monsters and demons. Special abilities may be activated while in tower formation, such as specific team attacks and the ability to obtain items normally unreachable due to a wall. In contrast, the most notable downside of Magichange is that if the Humanoid dies, all the involved Monsters will also die. Vulcanus, AA Flonne, FA Flonne, Asagi, Thief, Archer, Ninja, Masked Hero, Gunner. Increase Mana gain of allies on map by 20%. You unlock these by playing the game, there are 10 story chapters in total, each one with different number of episodes. Classes' tiers do not matter. I say at least one because one is all you need to run all the way for the exit, however you may want two because sometimes there are gatekeepers blocking the exit, and so a second one can deal with the gatekeeper by moving it with a fist ability, while the other goes through the gate. It does not appear in Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, in which a similar system, Monster Mounting, appears, and in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, where there is no replacement feature. Valvatorez, Fenrich, Emizel, Axel, Laharl, Warrior, Magician, Gunner, Bouncer. Players may also initiate pirate ship to pirate ship battles, see the total accumulated stats of all Disgaea 4 players, create battle maps to upload, use, and share, and send a specific council member, called a Foreign Minister, to another player's game to affect Senate in their game. Before you start, make sure to put the character you'll be doing chara world with in the symbol that you would like to have more area. If you like magic, Emizel is a great mage. . Disgaea 4 Official Strategy Guide Paperback - September 6, 2011 by BradyGames (Author) 62 ratings Paperback $11.54 12 Used from $11.14 1 Collectible from $75.00 BradyGames Disgaea 4 Official Strategy Guide includes the following: What s a Prinny Instructor To Do? The game tells the story of Valvatorez, a former tyrant leading a party to rebel against the president of the Netherworld. These are Bloody Hand, Heavenly Wings, Romulus' Spear, Celestial Bow, Flame Thrower, Rune Axe, Requiem, Cerberus Jaw, and Article 29: Threat, and a Valkyrie Dress. Gain more stats when equipping Sword-type weapon. Automatically defend when receiving an attack from front. Continuously buy upgrades to your equipment (especially weapons) in the store. Emizel, AA Flonne, Raspberyl, Rozalin, Witch, Cleric, Sorcerer, Onmyo Monk, Ghost, Succubus, Aptitude becomes 10%, but base stats increased by 100%. Optional but recommended: A level 20 Onmyo Monk. (The cheat shop is an added feature in Disgaea 4 Complete+.). Valvatorez, Fenrich, Fuka, Axel, Warrior, Valkyrie, Lady Samurai, Bouncer, Android. Vulcanus, Asagi, FA Flonne, Etna, Rozalin, Masked Hero, Gunner, Thief, Bouncer. Valvatorez, Fenrich, Fuka, Desco, Emizel, Vulcanus, AA Flonne, FA Flonne, Asagi, Prinny Kurtis, Zetta, Axel, Rozalin, Warrior, Witch, Lady Samurai, Sorcerer, Ninja, Masked Hero, Gunner, Android, Bouncer, Onmyo Monk, Ghost, Prinny, Mothman, Nekomata. If a stat from the original weapon is higher than the Monster's value, the Magichange weapon keeps the original amount(increased by 1) instead of the Monster's percentage. Prinny Kurtis, Warrior, Heavy Knight, Cleric, Magic Knight, Onmyo Monk, Witch, Ninja, Sorcerer, Archer, Bouncer, Gunner, Android. It is possible to obtain a Unique Innocent on any item by subduing Mystery Innocents. Don't go into the item world of this item without first reading the section about creating your innocent leveling item. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Friendly monsters can be Magichanged by unique characters to become weapons. Magichange is one of the basic commands Monster units can select, upon which they must target an adjacent Humanoid ally. Automatically defend against magical special attacks. Attack power increased by 30% to targets at lower height. Emizel, Rozalin, Witch, Sorcerer, Magic Knight, Ghost, Succubus. Wiki Sprites Models Textures Sounds Login. Vulcanus, AA Flonne, FA Flonne, Asagi, Gunner, Thief, Archer, Ninja, Professor, Masked Hero. Spell range is increased by 1 while one is equipped. Rank 40 must be stolen from the Item God of a Rank 39 weapon while in LoC. When HP is below 25%, 100% chance to activate counter. 30% of base RES added to ATK when monster weapon is equipped. Next, they go to the moon, which Judge Nemo plans to crash-land onto Earth, and save Earth again with the help of Flonne (a cameo from the original game), who inadvertently reveals that Vulcanus is in fact Artina, reincarnated as an angel. 2023 GAMESPOT, A FANDOM COMPANY. You will definitely want at least one for quickly running through the gates of item world to skip levels you don't care about. Section: Weapons. Use your Onmyo Monk to change the bonus gauge over and over until you see either a legendary Accelerator, a legendary Testament, or a legendary rank 34 weapon that you need. Disgaea 5 Complete (2018) [MULTI 3] PC - CODEX, . . Pinterest. You almost certainly have already unlocked the bill to access chara world already somewhere in the process of grinding, as the requirement is to have at least 100 stored levels on a single character from reincarnation (the higher level your character is on reincarnation, the more stored levels they'll end up with.). Increase stats by 5% x # of allies on map equipped with staves. As soon as you can handle the Item World consistently do try to get a Manager up to 300 ASAP. Anyone have a list anywhere of what all Monster types in this game will Magichange into without me having to open 60 tabs at once to look at individual wiki entries? Crit damage + 100%, HIT - 30% when axe is equipped. If a Magichange Weight is equipped, the Monster's highest stat will be copied into the Magichange weapon's attacking stats. (within turn), Fenrich, Axel, Overlord Priere, Ninja, Masked Hero, Gunner, Bouncer, Nekomata. Magichange all of the characters you want to use the exploit on. Go through item world normally until you get to a level with a gatekeeper. Damage increased by 30% when attacking from front. A list of all Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Innocents. May 5, 2021 - Full view of Disgaea 5 Complete - Weapons (Magichange, Bow). Counter: 1 Move: 4 Jump: 15 Throw: 3 Panels Magichange: Staff As you get ship parts (you won't get duplicates of any part), the pool will improve and you'll eventually have your Puppy Paw Stick. Destroy null or prism geoblocks, which will also uncover heart conservatives and spheres. The Disgaea series has always had a reputation for having a huge post-game, and infinite ways to play. Rank 34 weapons include: Money Fist, Fragarach, Bruenack, Phoenix Bow, Victory Magnum, Gigas Hammer, Holy Staff, Basilisk Eye, and Article 33: Revolt. I cannot fathom anyone sain enough to grind chara worlds in either game, 5 board game much better. [7], The game has received generally favorable reviews, with an aggregated score of 80/100 on Metacritic. Remember when going in this item's item world, to still follow the list of what you should be doing in item world under the section about making your innocent leveling item. Clear the 10th floor to get the Gency's Exit. Once the effect is over, the Monster becomes unusable for the rest of the battle and the Humanoid goes back to their equipped weapon. Damage is based on INT(though normal attacks are still ATK-based). All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Demon Fused monsters can be Magichanged as well, and the result is a giant weapon, to correspond with the size of the Demon Fused monster. Increases INT by 5% every time you get hit by magic. Gives the most ATK and Critical rate of all weapons, but also lowers SPD. Weapons (Magichange, Sword) Category: Nintendo Switch: Game: Disgaea 5 Complete. These are: After defeating them the culprit finally gains full control of Fear the Great and reveals herself to be Asagi, who wants her own game. Special Abilities: takes less damage from girls Recruitment: Clear Extra Stage 7 (see Map-Unlocking Bills), then pass Marjoly's bill as a senator. If the Monster has a Magichange Weight equipped, the Monster's highest stat will be copied into the Magichange weapon's attacking stats. Fenrich, Axel, Mothman, Saber Cat, Nekomata, Thief, Masked Hero, Gunner. How to unlock the Body By Etna achievement in Disgaea 4 Complete+ (Windows): Defeat Etna in the Post-Game and make her an ally. When you go to Character Creation, the game will tell you. So, how do you GET to the land of carnage? Critical rate increased by 50% for counter attacks. Be warned that activating Magichange 2 reduces the remaining Magichange duration by 1(to a minimum of 1 turn left). Do this until you get the most favorable odds of it passing. Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten (4, Makai Senki Disugaia F) is a 2011 tactical role-playing video game for the PlayStation 3 and the fourth in the Disgaea series by Nippon Ichi Software. Keep grinding and raising the enemy's levels this way until Desco and your Nekomata are at least level 1000. I can magichange with Giant Desco and use a male swordman skills to double attack for 3 turns, but im just looking for that extra oomph from giant magichange haha. How do you transfer/teach skills from one character to another? If you do not see your innocent on the 96th floor, then reset. If enemy level is higher, critical rate increased by 30%. Disgaea 4 Giant Magichange A feature available to Monsters in the Fusion Weapon Lab (Evil Symbol). Go into your innocent leveling item's item world. Restore HP by the amount of damage caused by Geo fall. The game tells the story of Valvatorez, a former tyrant leading a party to rebel against the president of the Netherworld. Fuka, Desco, Vulcanus, AA Flonne, FA Flonne, Asagi, Rozalin, Thief, Lady Samurai, Archer, Android, Sorcerer, Emizel, Witch, Cleric, Sorcerer, Ghost, Succubus. Keep the list. Expect to be constantly broke as normal play doesn't keep up with the cost of re-equipping your party. The party travels into Fear the Great and defeats Judge Nemo, saving Earth once and for all. 30% of base HIT added to ATK when bow is equipped. Get another item with an unsubdued innocent of the same type. Damage is based on ATK. Magichange and Fusion units gain 100% of the exp an enemy is worth, effectively multiplying the total Exp earned. Increase stats by 5% x # of allies on map equipped with swords. [11] The game sold 79,425 copies in its first week in Japan, putting it at fourth place. Move the two geoblocks for increased XP and mana onto the geopanels. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process. Inflicts Paralysis with a normal attack from behind. I think at worst you get +1 to all stats, if the monster is notably weak compared to the weapon. What am I missing? Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten What exactly does the Magichange Weight do? Transforms into any innocent when subdued(except for another Mystery Innocent). Critical damage increased by 100% when self HP is under 25%. Deathblow enemies under 25% SP with normal attack. Fenrich, Axel, Bouncer, Ninja, Masked Hero, Gunner, Nekomata. Fuka, Vulcanus, AA Flonne, FA Flonne, Asagi, Raspberyl, Rozalin, Witch, Sorcerer, Lady Samurai, Professor, Succubus, Desco, Valkyrie, Thief, Archer, Android. While this doesn't increase its stats, it does grant the Monster's passive skill and Unique Skills to the wielder. A giant weapon not only has increased stats thanks to the fusion, but its Weapon skills and Magichange Skills will have increased range or area of effect. A guide organizing the achievements along with tips on how to get them. Gain more stats when equipping Bow-type weapon., Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. Ordeal 4 Grinding +Double Demon Fusion Magichange 3,123 views May 16, 2013 10 Dislike Share Save umnilnehs 34 subscribers So five charaters can gain exp and mana this way. A simple weapon without bonuses or penalties. However, Disgaea 4 adds a new feature to its grabbing system, allowing any friendly character on the field to pick up another adjacent friendly character, and continuously pick up allies, in a tower fashion. The voices are in Japanese and English. Valvatorez, Fenrich, Fuka, Desco, Emizel, Vulcanus, FA Flonne, AA Flonne, Prinny Kurtis, Raspberyl, Asagi, Etna, Zetta, Rozalin, Valkyrie, Witch, Sorcerer, Cleric, Thief, Gunner, Ninja, Masked Hero, Onmyo Monk, Android, Bouncer, Ghost, Mothman, Alraune, Succubus. . Valvatorez, Fuka, Laharl, Zetta, Lady Samurai, Ninja, Overlord Priere. Monsters in range of this Symbol will be able to Magichange while Fused.