Its a common pesticide used in farming, but it reacted pretty badly with your mutated DNA. He sighs heavily. Chapter 4 I'm calling your parents." "I remember those days. im sure u noticed but im seven days behind and I've lost all motivation so im not gonna update anymore, Natasha was one who expected everything from attempted murder to tax fraud. It's dinner time!" To Peters dismay, the lightheadedness and headache hes been experiencing arent improving with the addition of the fruitin fact, theyre definitely getting worse. Laughing. Hello! , . Thanks for checking up on me thought. "He had a broken nose, two broken ribs, and the back of his head was bleeding severely. You did everythingbreathright.. Its that muffled, underwater kind of hearing for the first few seconds, but then it gradually clears into intelligible speech. She presses a button and put the phone at her ear as the nurse begins her examination. Peter thinks he briefly heard Ned try to defend him, but it went ignored by both parties as Flash started to wrap his hands around Peter's neck. Michelle rolls her eyes. The mugger was webbed to the wall and Peter was laying on the ground. Browse Ranking Create. Not anymore., Yeah, tell that to your lungs, Ned scoffs, but Peter can see the underlying fear in his friends eyes. peter parker grimaced as the sharp pole stuck in his leg moved slightly, he was stuck under a building again. "And I would hurry. Please consider turning it on! "Peter! Ned scoffs. Peter?___________________________________________. Hey, Karen! He called out as he stepped off the roof of the skyscraper hed stopped on. He kept his eyes trained on the paper. He's nice and funny and he likes me too. Youre not hurt, right? The genius seemed too preoccupied with searching the Captain for injury to actually focus on Peter. Hours? You think hes being poisoned?!. What are some of ur favorite whump fics that felt particularly real to you? Injured Peter Parker. Chapter 5 This. 3. Hes being transported somewhere. He paused, then continued his narration as the video began playing once more. (Or, five times Tony makes Peter sit out on a mission + one time the tables are turned. Or, Tony Stark talks a drugged-up Spider-Man through a kidnapping escape. Tonys eyes flew open, and he rolled out of bed as he realised that was the emergency Avengers alarm. That's why he did all this. bybookdoof, Tony and Steve told Peter to take his inhaler. Chapter 12 Shit. The phone cut out as Peter went out the door. His head is already healing, miraculously." Couldnt- couldnt stay- awake. Who he was. He, uhdoesnt have insurance? Ned tries again. If this is the flu or something, it sure has come on awfully fast. It's around your neck like a necklace. Peter snapped his eyes open, blinking a couple times to clear his vision. God this day sucks, he gasps out. 32 Stories. You can take it off for a few seconds at a time, but if this monitor she taps on one of the screens starts beeping, it goes back on, understand?. Peter thinks he's dreaming, but he realizes this is his new reality. Why do his lungs feel so tight, like he cant even take a breath? Later, after the city was largely cleaned up and Captain America was stable, Mr. Stark approached Peter, who was sitting on top of a medical van, swinging his feet idly. 4-year-old Peter has his first asthma attack, and, true to this fandoms usual style, its a bit of an ordeal. 18. "Here's who loves him: An entire NYPD precinct, the CEO of a major company, a trillionare genius who's also Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, the Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor the God of Thunder, Loki the God of Mischief, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Iron Patriot, Star Lord, the most deadly woman in the galaxy, a talking tree, a talking raccoon, Ant Man, Drax the Destroyer, Captain Marvel, The Wasp Original, The Wasp New, And I'm sure there's more we're forgetting but we have to read you your right now." You had like, four seizures, man, he goes on, his voice thick with emotion. his burning side hurt, and the scratches on his face stung as his tears slid down them. Anyone but Peter. So when he stood up for himself, you took that as the it's alright to try and murder him!?" Is there anything else I can call you? Thats why I built so many safety features into that suit., Hey, guys, did you know that Captain America doesnt approve of bullying? Peter asked them as he webbed two of the men together and yanked anothers weapon out of his hands. 7. . A familiar figure comes into view. Peter Parker gets hurt, and makes his friends worry. It got worse when you ate the apples because they were coated in it.. No thanks. Couldnt breathe. No! Peter denies immediately. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, hurt no comfort and then maybe some comfort but its also one am. The Vulture had slashed and grabbed at him, trying to catch him and throw him away, but Peter was persistent and held on. Mr. Leeds, Ms. Jones, Ms. Shuri, please take Mr. Parker to the nurses office." "I'm writing you up." Hold still for a second., Peter got his hands under the rock and pulled upwards with almost all his might. Ive been waiting so long.. I need you to get them out., Got it, Mr. Stark. The nausea returns full force and he gags, then chokes. Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man PART 2. Is it.. alright for me to take your mask off Peter? Ch. 4. Peter pulls his knees up to his chest and lowers his head down to meet them, eyes closed. Peter felt uncomfortable in the vicinity of these two extremely powerful figuresboth literally and politically. Chapter 2 He shot a web to a building across the street and stumbled onto the roof of it. No, he said. He remembers us.. Tony reluctantly introduces Peter to them but doesn't tell them he's Spider-man. They dont like that person. His ears are ringing, his chest and stomach hurt, and hes seeing black spots in his vision. 6. Fanart, tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (135), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types (40), The Amazing Spider-Man (Movies - Webb) (12), May Parker (Spider-Man) & Peter Parker (51), Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure (173), Look Both Ways Before Accepting Candy From Strangers, our life as we knew it now belongs to yesterday, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker, Karen (Spider-Man: Homecoming) & Peter Parker, Stephen Strange Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Karen an amazing AI and no one can tell me otherwise, Not Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) Compliant, Canon Divergence - Avengers: Endgame (Movie), Tony Stark is taking care of Peter Parker, | Translation in Russian, May Parker (Spider-Man) & Tony Stark Coparenting Peter Parker, Peter Parker attacks James "Bucky" Barnes, Pepper Potts Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Febuwhump 2k23: samcaptruther edition (discontinued), Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanov & Sam Wilson, James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark at MIT, Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie) Compliant, Bruce Banner & Peter Parker & Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark, Wanda will fight anyone who looks at her new Brother wrong, Peter Parker is Natasha Romanov's Biological Child, minor and one-sided Harry Osborn/Peter Parker, Peter Parker & Morgan Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Morgan Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe) & Tony Stark, Peter Parker & Pepper Potts & Morgan Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe) & Tony Stark, Precious Morgan Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Adorable Morgan Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Peter Parker & Morgan Stark are Siblings (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Morgan Stark Needs a Hug (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Morgan Stark Gets a Hug (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Morgan Stark-centric (Marvel Cinematic Universe), POV Morgan Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Deadpool's Guide To Accidental Kidnapping, Peter Parker & Tony Stark & Stephen Strange, Miles Morales & Peter B. Parker & Gwen Stacy, Peter B. Parker (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), no beta we die like all of peters parental figures, hes more like a grumpy uncle who hates kids, Peter Parker and his terrible, not so great day. Youre alright, kid. When hes stabbed with nowhere to go, he limps into the lobby of Stark Industries covered in blood asking for Mr. Stark. A Shot of Poison, To Calm the Nerves by @wordscorrupt. The most infuriating part was that for once, he didn't have the answers. A fanfic where Tony Stark and Pepper Stark had a kid named Peter Stark. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". Tony swallowed, his hands shaking slightly. (never). Peter accidentally takes Steves emergency pills that are designed to make him sick in case of poisoning. "I'm sorry, was I supposed to answer a question?" Im also- Im also a quite acrobatic based hero he explained, moving to sit cross-legged on the floor, watching the others struggle. Thats it, Tony praises. peter sighed. You're the one who hurt Peter. Well, good thing you're going to jail. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. The two fandoms will be the MCU, and OC's that will appear in future chapters of my other works. "Teach you to talk back to me." He'll freak out. Mr. That kid has befended all of the Avengers, the entire 99th precinct of the NYPD, and plenty of other people who I'm sure would love to come in here and get their punches. Read popular avengers peter bleeding at school Fanfiction book in Webnovel. He tries to take in a breath on his own and instantly feels like hes choking. Its still a terrifying sensation to not be able to inhale for himself, but after a few seconds, he realizes that hes not dying. I can't, I can't. "Teams, Skins will be, Flash, Tom, Chris, Robert, Evan, and," Peter sucks in a breath please, he prays, not me, not me, not me, "lastly Peter." The color drains from the boys face and his eyes are filled with panic. he did his best to keep calm and regulate his breathing, but the multiple burn wounds and the pole sticking out of his leg didnt really help. Peter laughed giddily. Mr. Stark quirked an eyebrow at Peter, but answered. When the former Avengers finally apologize and return to the tower, Tony insist Peter wait before he meets them. Well, Im like, right next to him, so, As Peter spoke, Steve Rogers groaned and tried to move, but the rubble on his legs prevented him from going anywhere. Pepper called from the kitchen. Peter is drugged while on patrol, but makes his way back to the Tower. The signal cuts off then. Ned stands off to the side, looking bewildered. It felt like hed slammed into solid concrete, like hed been shot, stabbed, torn apart. You're loosing a lot of blood and you need to breathe and I doubt the mask is helping." Not to mention his spidey sense is going haywire. Beta'd by SeetheSea (and borkybarnes). Work Search: Tony could see the mass of scar tissue built up around the reactor, could see the little pieces of shrapnel in his lungs, and he wondered, even now, how he was able to Not-Breathe so well with his heart and his ribs and his lungs all squished out of place. I don't give a shit what you think!" Whatever. 5. Shut up." "mr stark- " tears fell down his bruised and battered face, blood clotted his hair and his stomach now an opened and bleeding. I'm tired Mr. Sr. All the Devils are Here by @yellowdistress. Shuri nodded. Nico couldn't stand being at camp so he left. Hm?! His spider sense is screaming at him now and he feels his muscles start to twitch. God, you guys are slow, she says as soon as he answers. You know, this really isnt a good way to deal with stress. Peter told the guy as he shot another web, sticking him to the side of the water tower on the top of the building. Seriously? Online. Huh. And no matter how hard he tries to keep these things from the Avengers, they're always going to find out. (See the end of the work for more notes.). Peter has the gauntlet, the stones already in place. To Ned, she repeats, Whats wrong with him?, I dont know, Ned answers worriedly. Flash kept muttering to himself. 7. One: This book takes place one year after the events of Homecoming. Exit is over there.. Wrap Me Up And Hold Me Close by @spider-man-stan. But how? Marvel's. Steve Rogers AKA Captain America Forget Mr. HarringtonIm hanging up and calling 911.. Tony is standing next to his bed, his face calm, but eyes full of concern. Jake flinches. Were just taking the scenic route.. He nods in confirmation. His hand fumbles around on the bed for the marker and he immediately scribbles on the whiteboard: Whats wrong with Ned? Rather than landing on the cement - which would have been bad enough - Peter had landed on a fence. Tony Stark AKA Iron Man Ned ignores him. how many people are going to die while he sits here, stuck? Tony shuddered inside the suit, and poured more power into his flight speed. "You did what?!" Tony appears to notice this too. Tony pulls doit his phone and started texting. You, the one who had the wireless headphones." Dont want that happening again. And Peter nearly has a heart attack as a result. Not Peter. My friend told me about it., Tony shakes his head in amusement. Flash was standing behind him, relentlessly teasing him for his internship being real. Whoops, he mutters before slipping it back over his mouth and nose. Im okay, now, he chokes out. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). He muttered something under his breath. Racing down the hall, Tony noted that the alarm and flashing lights were all over the compound and that the rest of the Avengers team were on their way to the conference room as well. trick or treat by @ciaconnaa - Morgan decides to do a quick science experiment to determine whether or not shes allergic to strawberries while under Peters care. FRIDAY, get this thing off me.. Oh my god! Neds eyes go wide. he groaned and gasped as he began to sob. Also Flash is an ass. Someone is cutting his clothing off of him. First some housekeeping this is set after Spider-man Homecoming, and in it the Rogues come back instead of vanishing or being sent to jail/house arrest because I love found family. Tony held up his hands, chargers charged and ready to fire without hesitation. Playing news report now. The video on the screen before them began playing. Overall Peter thought it was fun. The caller ID was Mr. Sr. Police-Man Jake Peralta. Peter made a beeline for the nearest black vehicle and dropped down in front of the medic outside of it. Theres a mask over his mouth and nose, forcing air into his lungs. "Because I don't have a son. I don't care that you think it isn't." Please consider turning it on! There was a shooter in the school. Aunt May, it hurts, make it stop, please make it stop! Peter is a bit too trusting of strangers and gets himself poisoned. Peter doesnt feel good.. -. "Oh, I understand plenty. "What did you say?" Things are moving fast all around him. You've arrived. The Avengers have been infected, turned violent and aggressive against their will. Need to sit, he mumbles. Hes ready to prove hes not just some kid. Luckily, his comm still works. I also ignored the events of Thor Ragnorok because I wanted Thor, Loki and Bruce in this story too. "He was following her from the bus station in Queens. Peter groans in response. Can she bring your backup one? Ned asks worriedly. (this one is really adorable. Visiting her friend.. (never) by @parkrstark. The nurse at Midtown was one of the cool ones. The word freezes Tony in place, and his gaze darts back to Peters face. (Everyone knew Mr. Harrington just really loved those apple cider donuts.). Try not to talk too much yet. Sort by: Hot. Friday, track Peters suit, and his phone, he directed. Pain all over, there was no part of him that didnt hurt. Well be fine., Ned says bye and hangs up the call. But feel free to ask anything else, Every spider has its day (but today is not that day), dont go, my darling (dont leave me behind), this is really only a small sample of all the excellent deliriouspeter content this fandom has to over, 5 Times Tony Thought Peter Was In Trouble, [chap 5] Tis but a scratch (I lied, please help me), [chap 5] when will i stop whumping them? Or Spangles gets it., Peter obeyed, putting his hands in the air and readying to shoot with his web-shooters. What are your most whumpy peter fic recs? Berry called out for him. And the 1 Time Tony didnt. His head feels like its splitting in two and every muscle in his body aches as though hes just fought off the Vulture again. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", 1. They turn around another corner and are met with a dead-end and a yellow sign stating You look Corn-fused!. So what he was loosing a lot of blood and had AB- blood, the blood type that 1 in every 162 people has. 17. "No, sorry your friend must awnser the question on his own." multiple seizures. Tony watches helplessly as Wanda peers into the carefully-buried past of Peter Parker, one that Tony himself hasn't even delved that deep into out of respect for his protg. Sorry., Tony rolls his eyes and moves the mask back up over Peters face. Its nothing majorjust irritating, but its making his brain feel fuzzy, which is likely a contributing factor to why theyve been weaving their way through this stupid maze for the past hour. Tony Stark groaned, and pulled a pillow over his head. Now, he ordered. Follow the Pipes by @midsommersolstice. He could hear it shatter a few dozen meters behind him. Hi! God, a little warning next time. Peter muttered as he resumed going again. He did it all to get to you.. Most were in their pyjamas, like he was. Is he okay? Peter interrupted without really thinking about it. Peter whirled from his half-crouch a good distance away and watched the guy from the first building charge in and roughly yank the dazed Captain America onto his feet. Pepper ran into the room just as the nurse continued. He used his hearing aids majority of the time, except for that one time. Call Mstr Stark, he gasps out. No! he exclaims. Bethanyyyy!!! Peter is feeling attacked. Biometric readings showed Peter had been shot three times and was falling. So does Mr. Stark. please check it out if you're interested! I'm going to have to ask you to take them out, and give them to me." Ask Mr. Stark to patch me into the comms? Please just help Peter." Don't go to sleep, okay Spider-Man. Why won't he answer my questions." And that makes me sad. 15. Flash begged. Hes fine, dont worry about it, Tony quickly assures, making a dismissive gesture with his hand. Pineapple Pizza and how it Saved Peters LifebyFicbunny- Peters not eating enough for his enhanced superhero metabolism and suffers the effects of malnutrition. Peter made a beeline for the nearest black vehicle and dropped down in front of the medic outside of it. his clothes were ripped and something was definitely now piercing his bellys skin. Parker luck had other ideas though and Ned gets a lesson he didn't realise he needed to learn. Were gonna fix this.. NOTE: There is kidnapping and captivity in this fic, but the main focus is the aftermath. 'Cause I'm bleeding out So if the last thing that I do Is to . Plus one Asthmatic!Tony rec because its awesome: It Only Hurts (When I Breathe) byOcean_Born_Mary. Hey, chill, Cap. Peter told him, reaching out for the chunk of rock. He starts to think he should have kept the kid home, as the night quickly descends into chaos. Yeah, Mr. Stark. "I know it's real. every breath in was painful and the more he took the faster they became. Everything was blurry. "Help," just as his body went slack, the principal came around the corner. But I've had this first chapter written for a while and I'm almost done with two others, so maybe having this published will motivate me? Oof, youre in luck. The news report switches back to Jameson, looking sombrely once more at the camera. "Karen you're so sassy for an AI." Things like getting stabbed when he's just trying to protect people. Peter was getting his lunch out of his locker because Pepper packed him lunch today. or: Nineteen year old Peter Parker navigating his life as a moneyless college student. What if its the pesticide making him sick?. I said, Ill throw down the supplies.. Work Search: Hi, Hawkeye!, Quick as lightningwell, maybe not that quickClint Barton whirled and sent an arrow flying right at Peters face. no see thats the thing im- tonys line had gone dead. (If youre interested in seeing Neds POV while Peter is unconscious. Peter's eyes start to feel really heavy. Uh he breathes out in warning, Think m gonna puke. Pepper convinces Tony to bring Peter along on his first dinner with the Rogue Avengers since their pardoning. Peter mutters. Shuri put the phone down, satisfied with herself. More like made me fall off a skyscraper, Peter told him as he hopped off the roof and began swinging towards his destination again. Shes had dreams of Peter before, where hes awake, where hes happy, where hes smiling at her the same way her mom and dad tell her he used to smile at them. Supplies for what? Tony questions. His stomach twists and cramps and he retches miserably. From the table next to the bed, he produces a small dry erase board and a marker. Tony adopts Peter after May is suddenly killed in a hit and run. Bleeding Out: Peter walked out his room and into the living room, all the Avengers sat together watching a film. Peter really hopes shes exaggerating, but the worried look on Neds face tells him shes not. he was alone. The Thompson's sent a glare at Flash, turned away from him, and walked out. The fight was overthe rest of the Avengers had seemingly taken care of all the bad guys and secured the Chitauri weapons. Fine. Mr. Harrington sent me to find you., She points to the path on the left. Im calling.. He lay perfectly still and was certain he stopped breathing. Peters body arched, and shook as the electricity traveled through him, before it receded, and Peter fell to the ground. 9. Second, this does get dark in some places. Peter tugs down the mask again and gives them a weak grin. Blarp blarp - blarp blarp. 264K 5.8K 20. Chapter 14 Instead, the scene that greets him is somehow inconceivably worse. whats up kid? Cyanide? "Oh my god, Spider-Man! Im coming. Who knew Flash actually had it in him. after evacuating the building, it collapsed in on itself. "What is your name?" Peter laughed. Tonys not unfamiliar with the concept of paralysis, after Rhodey.